Why Does My Ego C Give a Burnt Taste?

This article deals with the issues surrounding the famous Ego C Burnt Taste, so it is dealing specifically with the eGo C Twist and other variable voltage vape pens. If you have a different type of vape pen or e cigarette, there are a variety of other reasons why your vape pen or e cig may be giving you a burnt taste. If you want to know specifically why the eGo C Twist may be giving you a burnt taste and other reasons unique to variable voltage e cigarettes, read on.

Why Does My Ego C Give a Burnt Taste?

Reasons Why My Ego Twist Taste Burnt

  • Your Ego C Twist Voltage Is Set Too High: Voltage interacts with resistance of the atomizer coil to create power which is essentially heat. If your heat is too high, it can burn the wicking material and give a burnt taste in your ego C Twist.
  • You Need To Clean the Ego Twist Atomizer: You should be cleaning your atomizer heads continually, preferably daily. This would result in extending the life of your atomizer, along with giving you a better performing e cigarette.
  • You Didn’t Let the E Juice Soak: When you first get a new ego twist and want to fill the tank, you need to let the e juice soak into the coils a bit before vaping.
  • You Need a New Ego C Twist Atomizer: If your atomizer is old, you simply need to get a new ego twist atomizer head. Depending on how often you clean it and how often you vape, they can last between 2-4 weeks or even longer.
Why Does My Ego C Give a Burnt Taste?
Replacement Atomizer Coil

Ego C Burnt Taste Because Voltage is Too High

It’s pretty common for anyone to accidentally vape an ego c twist with the voltage turned up too high, whether you are a beginner in the world of vaping, or a hardcore veteran vaper with 100’s of mods. Its just easy to fail to realize that the little knob got turned up all the way on accident.

If you’ve vaped an ego twist or variable voltage e cigarette, we all know what the end result is, either a perfect vape or a nasty burnt tasting vape. It all depends on the voltage setting. Maybe the voltage is set just right for your coil’s resistance, the type of ejuice, and other factors, or maybe its set too high, resulting in a bad burnt taste.

The reason you get that burnt taste, is you just can’t turn the voltage all the way up on most clearomizer tanks without it giving you a bad burnt taste, because it can burn the wicks with the voltage up too high. The coil basically gets too hot for what the wicks can withstand. This can ruin your ego twist atomizer coil or it will end up decreasing the lifespan of your atomizer.

Whether you have a great tasting vape or a burnt taste all depends on the level of voltage your ego twist is set to. And the perfect voltage depends on many different factors. While some vapers will do the math and figure out the perfect voltage for their ohms, may who vape with a variable voltage will just use the guess and check method. Basically moving the voltage up or down until a good taste is acheived. Below is an example of someone using the guess and check method on an Ego C Twist.

“Guess and Check” Vaping Example with A Variable Voltage:

  • :/   3.6V: Tastes okay
  • ?   3.8V: Mmmm… tastes great
  • ?   4.2V: Ewww…Tastes burnt

Clean your eGo C Twist atomizer to get rid of the burnt taste

Often times, the simplest and most effective way to get rid of the bad burnt taste from your ego twist is to clean the atomizer head/clearomizer tank. It’s actually pretty easy to do using either vodka or rubbing alcohol or simply a paper towel. Though the most effective ways to use let it sit in some alcohol. If you want more information you can read the full tutorial on cleaning your atomizer tank.

New tank or newly cleaned tank? Let your e juice soak

  • New Clearomizer Tank: When you get a new clearomizer tank, the first time you fill it up you’re going to want to make sure that you let the e juice sit in the tank for at least a few minutes before taking a puff on it. The reason why you want to do this is because a brand-new tank is going to have dry wicks even when you pour e juice in the tank. It takes a little bit of time for the e juice to saturate between all the nooks and crannies actually reach all of the wick.
  • New Atomizer Head/Coil: The same goes for new atomizer head. Since a clearomizer tank is composed of a base, a clearomizer head, and the glass portion of the tank, the only thing you really need to continually purchase is the atomizer head. So when you do get a new atomizer head after a couple weeks or maybe a month of using your e-cigarette, you want to follow the same procedures as getting a brand-new clearomizer tank. You need to let the e juice saturate into the nooks and crannies to reach all of the wick.
  • Newly Cleaned Tank: When you clean your clearomizer tank, what you do is take apart the base from the tank, and then you take part the atomizer head from the base and you could either cleaning with a paper towel or let it soak in some type of alcohol. Then what you do is let it completely dry so on the water or alcohol is evaporated. Then your enough all the same procedures of letting the e juice soak into the atomizer coils when you refill the tank.
  • How To Prime Your Tank: When you first fill up a brand-new clearomizer tank, a tank with a new atomizer head, or a newly cleaned clearomizer tank, it’s completely normal to give off a burnt taste in the very beginning. The first thing you want to do before you ”prime” the tank, is let the e juice saturate into the wicks after you fill it as stated above. Then when you want to do is basically take a couple puffs, but don’t inhale the vapor, as the initial few puffs may taste burnt. After that initial priming of your e-cigarette, you should be ready to go to have great tasting vapor.

You may just need a new ego C twist atomizer head

After some time, you’re going to have to get a new atomizer head. They last about 2 to 4 weeks or possibly longer if you clean them often. Also the life of your eGo C Twist atomizer depends on how much you use it how, much you vape your ego twist vape pen.

To four weeks may not sound very long time, but considering they’re not very expensive it’s really not a big deal. You can pick up a five pack from our shop for only 10 bucks. That’ll last you read a six months depending on how much you vape and practice proper maintenance.