What’s better, RBA or RDA?

Are Rebuildable Atomizers or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers Better?

If you have recently gotten into vape pen mods and rebuildable vape pens, you have probably already been inundated with different choices to make and things to consider.

  • Should you get a mechanical mod or a variable voltage mod?
  • What size of battery should you get?
  • Should you get a protected battery or an unprotected battery?
  • Lithium Ion? IMR? What about the atomizer?
  • What kind of wick should you get?
  • Cotton?
  • Silica?
  • Ekowool?
  • What size of wire should you get for the coil?
  • What does all this about resistance and Ohms mean?

It’s enough to make anyone go crazy! On top of all that, you have to decide whether to get an RBA or RDA atomizer … whatever that means. In this article we are going to explain the difference between RBAs and RDAs, and how you know which one you ought to get for your own vaping pleasure.

What’s better, RBA or RDA?
Rebuildable Atomizers


An RBA is a rebuildable atomizer. This sounds pretty simple, right? You can put the coil in and install your own wick. Instead of relying on a manufacturer to build your atomizer for you, and then instead of throwing way your entire atomizer and getting a new one every time your wick ran out or your coil broke, all you have to do is buy the exterior casing once. You build the coil yourself and install the wick yourself.

The main difference between an RBA and an RDA is that the RBA uses a full clearomizer tank. You can see how much e juice remains in the tank. You can also make sure the tank stays full enough to be able to vape for a very long time before having to refill it. When you use an RBA, the quality of your wick is paramount.


An RDA is a refillable dripping atomizer. This kind of atomizer does not use a tank full of e juice. Instead, you drip e juice directly onto the wick or the coil. RDAs can only hold a few drops of e juice at a time. This means if you want to keep vaping, you need to have the bottle of e juice ready and on hand. There are a lot of customers who think this is a total pain. They want to be able to vape conveniently, and they do not want to be hassled with dripping e juice every few seconds. On the other hand, other customers prefer to change e juice flavors very quickly, and the RDA certainly allows you to do that. With only a few drops of e juice on the wick at a time, there is no time to get bored with a single e juice flavor when you could just switch out flavors every couple of puffs.

Why rebuild?

People rebuild atomizers for all sorts of different reasons. Maybe you are tired of throwing away an entire atomizer apparatus just because the wick wears down or the coil needs to be replaced. Maybe you just like fiddling with things and you want control over your vaping experience. Whatever your reason, rebuilding is a great way to expand your vaping horizons and get a fantastic vaping experience.

Why not rebuild?

Rebuilding, as awesome as it is, is not for everyone. You can really mess up your vape pen if you do it wrong. This is an activity that requires quite a bit of expertise. You are going to be doing a lot of research online to find out all the details of all the different options you have, and how they all work. If you are not up for that sort of time commitment, then rebuilding is not for you. There are many amazing vape pens out there that will give you spectacular vaping results without having to worry about any technical specifications. There’s no shame in not being a vaping expert or not wanting to rebuild vape pens. All that matters is that you are enjoying yourself!