What is a Dab Pen?

When you take a hit of your vape pen it’s a pretty standard procedure. You load your tank up with E-Juice, screw it onto your battery and you’re free to indulge.

A dab pen is very much the same, except instead of using liquid E-Juice, it uses a wax, or a much thicker oil. These are usually highly concentrated and potent substances. Where as those looking to use a vape will usually need multiple hits to to be satisfied, a dab pen user can easily get that in a single hit.

What does Dab mean?

Dab refers to the little bit of wax concentrate that you load into your pen. You put a “dab” of it onto the coil.

marijuana wax
Close up detail of marijuana oil concentrate aka shatter dab on light background

The Weed Vaporizer

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The wonderful thing about dab pens is that it allows you to vape THC and CBD it’s very pure and potent form. This makes it very popular a vaping alternative for those who use marijuana for medical or recreational use. It allows you to consume a much more refined, pure form of the substance which is hard to get through regular E-Juice.

Due to the difference of the products, the wax needs to be vaporised in a specialised pen with a purpose made atomiser. You can think of it as a “diesel vs regular gas”.
There are some atomisers which can do both, but these rarely vaporise E-Juice or Wax very well and trade versatility for quality.

Should I get a Dab Pen?

The experience of using a dab pen is complete different to that of using a normal vape pen. It’s a big burst of potency into one hit.

The experience alone is enough to at least give it a go if you have a friend with one handy.

Cannabis vape products

There are definitely CBD and THC e-liquids out there, but they’re seldom able to compare to smoking it conventionally. Often times they come off as more of a gimmick with your vape than anything else.

Dab pens fix this. Vaping cannabidiols through wax as opposed to e liquids require much less processing and come through as much more pure/potent. With wax, the pen is make for concentrate, instead of the concentrate being made for the pen.

Using Dab Pens for medicine

A big draw of dab pens is for the those who need to vape for medical purpose. For those who require medical THC, CBD, or other concentrates, a Dab pen can be extremely attractive. Conventional vaping to take you need to function can be extremely cumbersome, especially for those who require higher dosage. The convenience, and for some necessity, of being able to consume your medicine in a couple seconds and just forget about it is more than enough to make the switch to wax and stop having to suck on a vape pen for however many minutes that’s required.

What you should know before getting into Dab Pens

There are some key differences for getting into the “next level” of vaping. It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before making a big jump to a new toy.

Harder to get wax variety

Dab Pens are more niche, and the market of having a huge variety of concentrate vapes hasn’t really reached the level of traditional E-Juice flavours, and they’re allot less easy to just buy online to have them on your doorstep in a day or so.

This isn’t to say that there’s no variety or things to explore, quite the opposite, but you’ll probably need to go out and scout out your local dispensaries to find something that truly fits your taste.

How much is a dab pen?

A dab pen is an investment. An E-Juice Vaporise that is actually going to be good enough to use can set you back about 20$. Not something to throw away, but something that will be break the bank.

A Wax Vaporise, being more specialised, will need to have a bit more put into it, especially if you’re looking for something isn’t going to be making you shake it around until it decides it wants to turn on. A good one of these, you’ll need to drop about 70$.

dab vape pen
Smoking a dab pen

This is intimidating to many, however one thing to remember that the higher price of entry is often worth the future savings and convinced. Shop well and you’ll most likely find something that it’s the only time you’ll be spending something like that on your vaping.

Something even better than a Weed Vaporizer?

Dab pens are considered the next step for those who want more from vaping. So is there something even more? Well… sort of.

Something that many people that vape wax consider great are “E-Nails”. A wax vaping device that contains a heating chamber that uses convection heating creates the peak environment for vaporising concentrate, allowing a more consistent, clean evaporation.

These are considered the top of the line toys for optimising the dabbing experience and far from necessary without the lungs of Snoop Dogg.

Are Dab Vapes worth it

Ultimately, if you’re just getting into vaping, and using wax isn’t a necessity for you, i’d suggest messing around with E-Liquid vapes that contain THC before making the jump, but if you’re already comfortable with that, looking into your local dispensary and seeing the options available could open a whole other world to you.


Best Vape Pen for Wax

If you think you’d like to try, check out the Ooze Fussion. A great kit with adjustable voltage that comes with three Coils.

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