Viva Nova Tank Starter Kit

The Viva Nova is a classic Atomizer Tank and great for all starter kits!

Viva Nova Atomizer Tank Starter Kit
Viva Nova Atomizer Tank Starter Kit

For vape pen users who want the most control out of their vape pen experience, the Vivi Nova Tank starter kit is the best choice from Slim Vape Pen!

The Vivi Nova is an innovative design featuring a wicking design and interchangeable atomizers. It is refillable through the top and does not require a syringe – just refill straight from the bottle. When you get your Vivi Nova Tank starter kit, you will get several atomizers with wicks on them.

This wicking system helps to prevent leaks and makes it so that you do not need to worry about refilling as often as with other vape pen systems. In addition, the Vivi Nova holds up to 4 mL of e juice, making this one of the biggest tanks on the market.

There are some important tips and tricks for refilling your Vivi Nova that you will need to take into account: for instance, it is hollow in the middle as many kinds of vape pens are, but since it is refilled from the top you will have to be especially careful not to get e juice into the middle of the tank, where it will drip down directly onto the atomizer coil and cause it to flood, gurgle, and leak. Just be careful when refilling your Vivi Nova tank and you will not have this problem.

One of the greatest aspects of the Vivi Nova Tank starter kit is the selection of atomizer heads it comes with. You will get 3 atomizer heads with a variety of power levels that they use to heat up the atomizer coil. The three levels on the Vivi Nova are 1.8 ohms, 2.4 ohms, and 2.8 ohms.

This means that you can customize how much vapor you get per puff, making this the perfect tool for someone who is trying to scale down their consumption of nicotine. This also means that the atomizer heads are easy to interchange, so if you have an atomizer head that is not working well you can easily change it for one that will work better. Further, the three atomizer heads you will get with the Vivi Nova Tank starter kit will let you clean out your atomizer tanks with hot, clean water and let them dry for 24 hours without having to take a day-long break from vaping.

One drawback to the wicking system of the Vivi Nova, and any other vape pen that uses wicks, is that the wicks hold the flavor of the e juice, so the atomizer head and wicks need to be cleaned before you can change flavors. Fortunately, since you get three atomizer heads in your starter kit, you can refill your atomizer tank with a new flavor and start vaping immediately without having to wait for your cleaned atomizer head to dry out, and without having the new flavor muddied by the remnants of the flavor before.

As with all our vape pen starter kits, your Vivi Nova Tank starter kit comes with everything you need to get started vaping right away. You will get a charger, a battery, the Vivi Nova atomizer tank, and a bottle of our own favorite blend of e juice flavor. Happy vaping!