Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit

Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit

Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit
Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit

If you love variable voltage vape pens and need a bit of extra power in your vaping life, you are going to love the Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit! The Vision Spinner Starter Kit is jam packed full of power and performance to bring your game to a whole new level. If you want to produce massive clouds of vapor and consistently get a perfect draw of nicotine, the Vision Spinner is for you! We carry all Vision Spinner Starter Kit colors including the Black Vision Spinner, Blue, Pink and Red.

If you are looking to step all over any other eGo style vape pen battery or starter kit, the Vision Spinner is sure to knock the socks off anyone who gets in your way. With a 1600mAh powered battery and enough control to produce whatever size cloud you want, you will be in vape heaven with the Vision Spinner Starter Kit. If you like a light throat hit in the morning and a harsh one towards the middle of the day, this is just the battery and starter kit for you, with adjustable throat hit control the power is in your hands.

Contents of the Vision Spinner Starter Kit

  • Vision Spinner Battery 1600mAh
  • Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tank (BCC)
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Charger
  • Vape Pen Case
  • FREE E Juice

Features of the Vision Spinner 2  Battery

  • 1600mAh Battery Power
  • Highly Durable Battery Casing
  • 5-10 Hours of Vaping Time
  • 2-3 Hours Charging Time
  • Massive Clouds of Vapor
  • Variable Voltage Switch Control
  • Control your Throat Hit

Here’s what comes in this fantastic starter kit:

The Vision Spinner 2 Battery

Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit
Blue Vision Spinner Vape Pen

The Vision Spinner battery with 1600mAh, is a definite power house, and you will be thrilled with the amount of battery it can hold. This thing can go forever before you have to charge it. (That was meant figuratively, not literally. You do have to charge it sometimes, and the voltage you set it on will affect your battery life as well.) But the amount of power in the Vision Spinner isn’t even the best part. The best part is the little dial at the bottom of the battery that lets you select the exact voltage you want for your vape pen. You can set it at 3.3 volts, 3.8 volts, 4.3 volts, 4.8 volts, and absolutely anywhere in between. This means you have control over your vaping experience. Whether you want tons of vapor or not much vapor at all, you’ve got it with Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit. You can even change the way your e juice tastes – every flavor of e juice has a sweet spot, voltage-wise, where it tastes the best.

All Color Options Available – Choose from the following Vision Spinner Colors

  • Black Vision Spinner Battery
Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit
Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit – Black
  • Pink Vision Spinner Battery
Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit
Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit – Pink
  • Blue Vision Spinner Battery
Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit
Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit – Blue
  • Red Vision Spinner Battery
Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit
Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit – Red

BCC Clearomizer

Get the Blue T3S Clearomizer Tank for your Blue Vision Spinner Battery!

Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit
Blue T3S Clearomizer Tank

The Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit comes with a bottom coil clearomizer for amazing performance and great vapor. As the name suggests, bottom coil clearomizers have the atomizer coil at the bottom of the tank. What this does is it makes sure the wick is always saturated, even if the tank is starting to get low on e juice. A saturated wick means no dry hits, and no burned taste either. Your atomizer coil will thank you too. Even though all atomizer coils have to be replaced somewhat frequently, they last longer if they are never burned dry, so having the wick always saturated means that your atomizer coil is going to last longer.

USB Charger and Wall Adapter

Vision Spinner 2 Starter Kit
vape starter kit usb charger combo

Your Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit comes with a USB charger and wall adapter, so you can plug it into the wall when you’re at home and use your laptop to charge it when you’re on the go. Versatility is the name of the game, and we strive to bring you vape pen accessories that will meet your needs no matter where you are! Charging in only 2-3 hours, the Vision Spinner battery is the perfect addition to any vapers collection, add an additional battery to ensure you always have one charged.

Carrying case

Keep your Vision Spinner Vape Pen safe with the carrying case that comes with the starter kit! No need to worry about your vape pen being damaged in a pocket or a purse when you have it in the carrying case. The Vision Spinner battery fits perfectly in the carry case and will be protected in travel or when on the run.

FREE bottle of Nicoclean e juice!

All of our starter kits at Slim Vape Pen come with a completely FREE bottle of Nicoclean premium e juice so you can get started vaping immediately as soon as your starter kit arrives. Nicoclean e juice is 100% sourced and made in the USA so you can count on it for high quality and great taste. Once you taste it, you will not want to go back!