Vaporizer Pen Starter Kits for Beginners

When you first start vaporizing, it can be confusing to figure out what the best way is to start.

There are many vape pen options out there, and they are all a bit pricey, especially if you are used to the low cost of cigarettes. Of course, they quickly pay for themselves in savings once you make the initial investment and realize how cheap e-juice refills are, but that doesn’t stop many beginners from having a bit of sticker shock. Therefore many beginners have questions about vaporizer pen starter kits and what the best way is to start vaporizing.

Vaporizer Pen Starter Kits for Beginners
Vape Starter Kit for Beginners

At Slim Vape Pen, we offer vaporizer pen starter kits specifically geared for beginners to be able to start vaping with minimum confusion.

Slim Vape Pen selects the best products for beginners and make sure that you have everything you need to begin vaping, with no need to buy additional parts. We offer the EVOD and eGo T in our most popular vaporizer pen starter kits, as this is a model that is extremely easy to use, intuitive to refill and charge, and consistently has high user ratings from customers who are thrilled with the performance of this vape pen.

The lithium ion battery that comes with the EVOD and eGo T starter kit is the 1100 mah model, which holds a charge for a full day of constant vaping, or multiple days of occasional vaping.

Most of the Slim Vape Pen customers find this to be their favorite model of rechargeable battery, though there are other sizes available that provide different lengths of time between charges. The clearomizer that comes with the eGo T and EVOD is attractive and easy to use, and it shows the amount of e-juice that is still in the vape pen so that you can know exactly when you need to refill. A refill bottle is included in the starter kit, and many customers also get a variety of different flavors so that they can sample them and find their favorite.