Vape Pen Vs. Vape Pen Mod

So what exactly is the difference between Vaporizer Pens and Vaporizer Pen Mods?

Vape Pen Vs. Vape Pen Mod
Vape Pen Mods

We like everyone to be educated on the products they are going to be purchasing. Here at Slim Vape Pen, we specialize in all types of Vaporizer Pens, Vape Pen Mods, and Vape Starter Kits. We believe that everyone should have to opportunity to have one of these amazing gadgets. The biggest question in the vape industry is “what is the difference between a vape pen and a vape mod?” Here we are going to break down the pros and cons of vape pens and vape mods. If you have any questions, drop us a comment and feel free to browse or site for all you vape starter kits and mod starter kit packages.

Vape Pen Vs. Vape Pen Mod
What Is A Mechanical Mod

Vape Pen Pros

Vape pens are great for most people. From beginners to veterans, the vape pen is going to be a very popular personal vaporizer. The battery last a long time, the vaping functionality is great, and it is portable. And best of all, you can get them for a good price. You get a lot of bang for you buck with vape pens. Some of the pros of vape pens include:

  • Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Generally pretty durable
  • Generally pretty versatile
  • Generally has good battery life

Vape Mod Pros

A vape mod may be a good choice for some people, especially the ones who really get into vaping or just want some extra power with their vaporizer. To some users, vaping becomes a hobby and almost an obsession to some. These are the people who really into vape mods because they have an unquenchable interest and thirst for that next great vaping experience. The vape mod offers very good battery life, flexibility in vaping (like controlling voltage and wattage), and usually are a little more durable compared to the vape pen counterpart, due to the vape mods bulk and construction. The pros of vape mods include,

  • Very good battery life
  • Flexibility in vaping (change voltage/wattage)
  • Extra durability

Vape Pen Cons

The vape pen has some cons to it, but not many. For some, the vape pen is too small, as they either don’t like the potential to lose it or they don’t like the small and portable nature of a vaporizer (a virtue to most). Depending on the vaporizer you get, and which company you go with, it could be less durable than a vape mod, but if you purchase from a reputable company you shouldn’t have to worry too much about its durability. You shouldn’t have to worry about it being too flimsy or anything like that. With that said, you still want to take care of it. Its just that vape mods offer EXTRA durability because of the nature of their design.

  • Too small for some (potential to lose it)
  • less durable than the vape mod

Vape Mod Cons

There also are not a lot of cons with vape mods. The two biggest ones are size and price. Many like to have the discreteness associated with vape pens, whereas others don’t mind how big the personal vaporizer is. One other thing that causes lots of people to choose vape pens over vape mods is because there is a bigger learning curve with vape mods. There is less information out there and there are more custom options that can prohibit an inexperienced user from buying one, as they would not know what to get.

  • Bulky/ Heavier
  • More expensive
  • Complexity and higher learning curve


Get a vape pen if you are starting out or if you are an experienced vaping user and like enjoy the portability and the great price.

Get a vape mod if you are an experienced user who wants much more functionality in a personal vaporizer and is not afraid to learn more about them, as well as spending more on your vaporizer device.

If you are still unsure about getting a vape pen or a vape pen mod, take a look at some of the options below. These vape pens are great places to start for anyone looking to get a vape. Click the image below and browse our wide selection of vape pen starter kits.