Vape Ban. Is Vape Juice Dangerous?

The looming question about Vaping

With the recent press around the vape related deaths, allot of negative coverage has been directed towards the industry. This has left many questions in the minds of those who have seen the industry spring up so rapidly, in such as short time, mainly being “should this be legal?”

Is it actually bad?

To answer it simply “you’re not going to end up like them for vaping”. PHE records show that vaping is much safer than smoke, around 95%. Now, this 95% isn’t 100%, but at the end of the day nothing is going to be. Most reasonable adults who drives or drinks alcohol or smokes, whether it’s the perfectly legal cigarette, or a vape, knows that unless you’re doing it for very specific reasons, there’s going to be some risk.

They why are you being told it’s killing people?

To get to the bottom of the recent deaths, and most of all vape related deaths, we need to look at not that they were vaping, but what they were vaping. An industry separate from the legitimate vape business is the black-market of illicit juice. This black market of Illegal juice popped up in places where purchasing THC and Other forms of juice have been prohibited. These deaths aren’t coming from the THC itself, but the shady manufacturing practices of them, much like any other illegally produced substance.

The consequences of banning

This of course leads us to the question of what effect the vape ban is going to have on the on the small number of vape related deaths if the only thing being done about the underground market is to make it bigger. Is vape juice just yet another substance that’s going to be crusaded against by the Trump administration and their continued “war on drugs”?

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