Using the EVOD Starter Kit

Using the EVOD Starter Kit

Unboxing, Using, Charging, Cleaning and all working parts of the EVOD Starter Kit

At Slim Vape Pen we recommend the EVOD Starter Kit for vape pen users of all experience levels, from beginner to long-time user. This is a fantastic, basic vape pen that works great when you need it to and doesn’t have any fuss about it. The experience of using a vape pen is different with every brand and model, so we often have customers ask us what their experience is going to be like with the EVOD. Using the EVOD Vape Pen is easy, fast with virtually no learning curve, so prepare your self to be amazed when using the EVOD Starter kit. This is more or less an overall EVOD Starter Kit tutorial and instructions on exactly how to use your new EVOD Starter Kit, so take a look below and enjoy all the ins and outs of this amazing starter kit.

EVOD Starter Kit
EVOD Starter Kit

Here are the basics that you can expect when you buy the EVOD starter kit from Slim Vape Pen:

Unboxing the EVOD Starter Kit

Your EVOD starter kit will come in the mail in a cushioned bubble wrap envelope. We make sure your EVOD starter kit is thoroughly protected against damage in the mail, and at the same time we also try to keep shipping costs as low as possible so that we can keep our prices low and pass those savings on to you. When you open the package, you will find the EVOD Starter Kit box inside, along with a bottle of e juice. The EVOD box has your 2 EVOD vape pens inside it, fully assembled so that you can see how it goes together. When you take your vape pen out, you will also see an extra liner in the box. If you pull that liner out, you will see a booklet of instructions on how to use and take care of your EVOD vape pen. The e juice bottle has, of course, e juice inside it; when you open it you will also notice that it has a bulb syringe dropper for easy filling of your EVOD vape pen.

Charging your EVOD Vape Pen

The first thing you will need to do is charge up your EVOD vape pen. Simply unscrew the battery portion (the part with the button on it) from the wide metal ring that attaches it to the clearomizer tank. You should see a round area where the battery connects to the charger, with threading to screw the charger on. Attach your charger to your battery, and plug the charger in to a USB port or attach it to your wall adaptor and plug it into the wall. You will see the button on the battery flash to indicate that it is charging, and you will also see the light on the battery flash red to indicate that the battery is not charged. The light will either show a solid red light or will flash between red and green while it is charging. When your EVOD battery is fully charged, the light will show solid green. At this point you can unscrew the battery from the charger and reattach it to the rest of your vape pen.

Filling your BCC Tank on the EVOD Starter Kit

Next you will fill up your EVOD BCC clearomizer tank with Nicoclean e juice. To do this, you unscrew the clearomizer tank (the upper portion with clear slits where you can see the e juice level) from the wide metal ring attached to the battery. When you detach these two portions, you will see the atomizer coil portion of the clearomizer. This is a metal post and a short wick on the thick metal ring. Set the battery and atomizer coil aside and turn the clearomizer tank upside down. Use the e juice eyedropper to fill the clearomizer tank from the sides, and be careful not to get e juice in the hollow middle portion of the atomizer tank. If you do get e juice in the middle, clean it out carefully or you will end up with drops of e juice in your mouth along with your vapor. When your EVOD clearomizer is full, turn the battery and atomizer coil upside down and carefully screw the pieces together.

Turning on your EVOD Vape Pen

Your EVOD arrives in the default position of “off,” so if you push the button it will not work even if it is fully charged. To turn your EVOD on, push the button five times. The LED light on the button will flash three times, indicating that it has been turned on. You can turn it back off again by pushing the button 5 times, and this will keep it from accidentally activating in your pocket or your purse.

Cleaning your BBC Tank on the EVOD Starter Kit

You will need to clean out your EVOD regularly, once a week or every time you change e juice flavors. Thanks to the bottom coil clearomizer (bcc) model, cleanup is easy and relatively fast. To do a complete cleaning, you will want to rinse out the atomizer coil with with alcohol (Vodka or rubbing alcohol) and let it dry for 24 hours. This will get your atomizer coil completely clear of residue and is the best choice for switching flavors. You can also do a quicker cleanup just by rinsing your atomizer. If your atomizer coil starts to gurgle while you are using it, this is because e juice is getting directly onto the atomizer coil and flooding it. You can clean this out easily by unscrewing the battery from the atomizer, putting a tissue on the bottom side of the atomizer, and blowing through the mouthpiece. This will clear out your atomizer coil and get rid of the excess e juice. If there is e juice on the battery connector, you should just wipe it off with the tissue to make sure that you are not losing voltage with each puff.

All working parts on the EVOD Starter Kit

The working parts on the EVOD are the battery and the atomizer coil.  The battery will last you for quite a while before it starts losing charge. The atomizer coil will probably need to be replaced after a few weeks, because the heating element itself will eventually wear out. You will know it’s time to replace your coil when the vapor begins tasting burnt and/or it stops producing as much vapor. However, there are also other troubleshooting things you can try for both of those symptoms before replacing your coil: a burnt taste may be caused by your wick getting clogged and needing to be cleaned with alcohol (Vodka or rubbing alcohol), and low vapor production may be due to a low battery or e juice on the battery connector keeping your coil from getting full power.

Product Questions about the EVOD Starter Kit

If you have any questions about using your new EVOD Starter kit, most of the answers to your questions can be found below: