Twisted Kanthal Wire Builds for Mech Mods

Twisted Kanthal Wire Builds give amazing Vapor and Taste Delicious!

One of the things people really debate hotly in the vaping community is whether to use twisted wire or plain wire for wire builds on your mechanical mods. People who love twisted Kanthal wire builds for their mech mods are completely committed to it. People who don’t like twisted wire can’t imagine switching from their favorite regular wire. Like everything else that has to with vape pen mods, your personal kanthal wire guide comes down to a matter of preference in the end. However, there are definitely some things you should consider when it comes to trying twisted Kanthal wire builds for mechanical mods.

Twisted Kanthal Wire Builds for Mech Mods
Twisted Kanthal Wire Build

Vapor production

People who have tried twisted Kanthal wire builds swear that it gives the best vapor production in the world. We’ve found this to be true at Slim Vape Pen as well. The physics behind this aren’t hard to understand – twisted wire has more surface area than plain wire. More surface area means more heated area to come in contact with e juice. This in turn means more vapor. The concept is simple enough.

Resistance and power level

The gauge of the wire you use for your coil will determine the resistance of the wire, and this in turn will determine how hot the coil gets. One thing to remember when you are doing a twisted Kanthal wire build is that the resistance decreases when you twist it. So your twisted build is going to have a lower resistance than a plain build with the same gauge of wire. Lower resistance means lower Ohms, so you will have to make adjustments in your build to get the exact power level you want from your atomizer coil.

E juice flow

People who have been doing twisted Kanthal wire builds for a while say that the twisted build helps make the e juice flow from the wick to the coil much better. This could be another reason for the better vapor production – in addition to having more surface area, the shape itself encourages the e juice to flow quickly, which means more e juice is vaporized and therefore you get bigger clouds of vapor.

Number of wires

The most common kind of twisted Kanthal wire builds are double twists, meaning that two wires are used to create the twist. Some people prefer to do three-wire twists and say that this design produces even more vapor than two-wire twists. Really dedicated users have even been known to braid their Kanthal wires, which is definitely going to maximize surface area and vapor production. Braiding your wires is going to take a really long time, though, so that is definitely a personal preference.

Awesome Video on how to Build Twisted Kanthal Wire

If you are using a mech and have not tried a Twisted Kanthal Build, you are missing out! Check out the video below and start building something new today!