Tree of Life Mechanical Mod Benefits

The Tree of Life Mechanical Mod is an absolutely exquisite vape pen mod that gives you the ultimate in style and beauty while also providing fantastic functionality in terms of vaping performance. The exterior case is stainless steel, which is simple and elegant. The laser-engraved tree of life logo adds grace and beauty. This is a mechanical mod that looks gorgeous and feels even better in your hand, and that is not even mentioning the awesome features and functions that it has!

Tree of Life Mechanical Mod Benefits
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Adjustable/Telescopic Contact Pin

The atomizer telescopes to ensure that you have a perfect fit with any 510 threaded atomizer. Mix and match your pieces with confidence!

Copper contact pins

Copper is a highly conductive metal that is used in electronics to maximize the effectiveness of any connective pieces. With copper contact pins, you can be sure that as much power as possible is getting from the battery to the atomizer coil. There is very low voltage drop, which means there is very high efficiency.

No circuit board

This is a true mechanical mod. Many vape pens and even some vape pen mods have circuit boards that control how much power gets from the battery to the atomizer coil. This helps to protect the atomizer coil from getting too much electricity and burning out. But it also gives you less control over your own vaping. The Tree of Life Mechanical Mod has no circuit board, so the way you build it is the way it’s going to be. On the plus side, this gives you total control over your vaping. On the minus side, this means you have to know what you are doing or you run the risk of damaging your entire vape pen apparatus.

Reverse threaded locking ring

The bottom button locks and unlocks with a simple turn – counterclockwise to lock, and clockwise to unlock. This helps to protect against accidental firing when you are on the go, and makes it easy to use when you are ready to use it.

Multiple battery sizes

The Tree of Life Mechanical Mod comes with three different sizes of battery tubes, so you can choose the kind of battery you use. You can pick between an 18350 battery, an 18500 battery, and an 18650 battery. Make sure you use a protected battery from a reputable brand to protect your vape pen mod.