Best Vape Starter Kit

How much money should you spend on a Vape Starter Kit… $20, $30, $40 … $150?

With all the confusion in the Vape Game, deciding on what starter kit to buy can be a bit confusing. With many different types of batteries and tanks, where do you start? Well, the best vape starter kit for you is going to be something that works great and fits into your budget. From a $20 vape starter kit to $150 vape starter kit, the options are virtually endless when it comes to a certain price point.

Best Vape Starter Kit
eGo-T and eGo-C Twist Starter Kit

Lest break down what makes the best vape starter kit for your money

  • Awesome Battery eGo or EVOD
  • Clearomizer Tank Upgrade
  • Case
  • USB Charger
  • Wall Charger
  • Free USA Made E Juice

The Best Vape Starter Kit should come with the best of the best right?

  • The Battery: First and foremost the battery needs to be your main focus. If you can get a good quality starter kit with free ejuice, you are off to a good start. What you should make sure of in the beginning is what type of battery you want. The best battery for a starter kit will be a twist, whether you are looking at an eGo-C Twist Starter Kit or an EVOD Twist Starter Kit, bottom line, the twist is the best.
  • The Clearomizer Tank: When you are looking for the best vape starter kit, the second most important aspect is the clearomizer tank. Many people sell the CE4 clearomizer tanks or the cartomizer tank. The problem that we have found with the the CE4 tanks is that they leak, gurgle, give burnt taste, among many other annoying things. The problem with cartomizer tanks (Carto Tanks) is that they are too small. The best  clearomizer tank for your starter kit will be anything that has a large tank, preferably 2.5-4ml.
  • Case: The Case is pretty much self explanatory, everyone needs something to carry around their pens, tanks, mods, chargers, etc. You can also make a case out of anything you have at home, including a sunglass case. Whatever starter kit you buy, it really doesn’t matter if they come with a case, they just come in handy. Obviously the best starter kit will come with a case.
  • Chargers: If the starter kit you are looking at doesn’t come with a charger, you are in the wrong place. Start Over. The Best Vape Starter Kit will come with a USB and Wall Charger.
  • Starter Kit with FREE E-Juice: If a starter kit comes with E-Juice then you are in the right spot. Literally everything you need to start vaping right out of the box. If you buy a starter kit with out e juice, you are doing something wrong. ($10-$15 Savings with free E-Juice)

After doing lots of research into the different brands of vape pens available, you will most likely find that the eGo-T starter kit is the most popular vaporizer pen starter kit. Keep in mind that there are plenty of options out there when looking at the eGo-T Starter Kit, including the eGo-C Twist and the EVOD Starter Kit.  Since most people choose starter kits who have never tried vaping before, we wanted to offer a starter kit that would be easy to use and understand, would be high quality, and would also be at a low enough price point to be affordable. This Starter Kit would be the eGo-C Twist, which is one of the highest quality starter kits on the market and many people claim that this is hands down the best vape starter kit out.

The eGo C Twist is the Best

  • $30 Vape Pen: The eGo was the obvious option, as it is a fully customizable vape pen once you have been vaping for a while and know exactly what you need in a vape pen. As an added bonus, eGo parts are compatible with other eGo parts, even across different models, so you can get a different atomizer or clearomizer cartridge for your existing eGo battery, change to a different size or even color of battery, or choose a mouthpiece that is more comfortable to you. Your eGo T starter kit comes with a clearomizer tank for your e-juice, an 1100mah rechargeable lithium ion battery, a charger cord, and a refill bottle of our favorite e-juice flavor.
  • $40 Vape Pen: The EVOD is a great place to start for many people and in terms of quality, durability and dependability. Deciding on the EVOD Starter Kit will give you a great starter kit for time to come.

Regardless of whether you buy an EVOD or eGo, you will be happy : ) 

With a starter kit, you can also add e-juice flavors in any variety you can think of, and there is absolutely no reason to ever become bored with flavors. Your starter kit contains all you need to get started vaping, and many people find that they are happy with their eGo starter kit for years without needing to modify it at all. If you do decide later that you want customized vape mods, we carry everything to get started.