Take Care Of Your Ego Ecig During The Summer

Tips for Vaping Your Ego Ecig in the Summer Heat

Take Care Of Your Ego Ecig During The Summer

It’s getting towards the end of summertime now. It is time to get your last barbecues in, relax outdoors, go out on the boat for that last wake board trip, and do all that fun summer stuff before it starts getting cold again. What fun are all those fun summer stuff if your ego ecig is not working correctly? Or your e juice is leaking all over the place because it’s so hot? With summertime heat, it’s going to naturally bring some challenges that we must face, living the vape life.

Here are some tips to keep your ego ecig running smoothly all summer long:

Ego Ecig Batteries Tips

  • Don’t Leave Your Ego Ecig In Your Car: Whatever you do, do not leave your ego ecig battery out in the sun or in a hot car all day long. You do not want to overheat a lithium-ion battery as it could be a hazard if it were to overheat or even overcharge.
  • Turn Down The Voltage: If your battery is variable voltage, you may want to turn down the dial at the end of your ego ecig twistpen to turn down the voltage. Reason is because your juice is likely thinner than normal because of the heat, and it may require less voltage to successfully vape. If your battery is an ego T battery, then this tip will not apply to you. This tip is more for people who have and ego C twist or other types of variable voltage batteries.
  • Don’t Charge Your Ego Ecig In A Hot Car: Do not charge your battery in your car, as the car is probably way too hot to be charging your ecig battery. You do not want to charge the battery when the temperature is extremely high, as this can cause some hazards. As with any lithium-ion battery you don’t want to charge it unsupervised, you always want to keep an eye on it and not charge it overnight or anything where you are going to be gone for long periods of time.

Leaking Ego Ecig Clearomizer Tips

This is likely going to be the most common issue when vaping during summer weather because e juice naturally gets much thinner in high temperatures. Also the actual clearomizer tank and your rubber washers expand in the high summer temperatures. If you think about it, a combination of much thinner juice, and washers that aren’t fitting exactly like they should because of the heat made them bigger, you’re likely going to have issues with a leaking clearomizer tank. Anyone who’s been vaping for a while will notice that if they leave their e-cigarette in the car for any period of time, their clearomizer tank begins to leak.

  • Keep eJuice in a cool environment: Keep your e-cigarette and juice in a cool dry place all year round. This also extends the life of your e juice, especially if you keep it away from light.
  • Keep eJuice out of direct sunlight: keep your juice out of direct sunlight. This helps with longevity of the e juice’s life – as direct sunlight and heat can ruin the juice after a period of time.
  • Don’t leave in hot places: As stated above, don’t leave your ego ecig in your car or other hot environments like outside in direct sunlight.

There are a variety of reasons why your ego ecig leaks, but one of the most common issues is the heat issue, which becomes pretty annoying when you life in cities that have temperatures that reach over 100 degrees.

Traveling With Your eGo Ecig

Take Care Of Your Ego Ecig During The Summer

Summertime is the most popular time to go on vacation, so it makes sense to be prepared with your ecig and vape supplies. If you fail to plan ahead, you may end up giving in to a pack of cigarettes, which after vaping, is never enjoyable.

  • Carry Extra Ego Ecigs: You want to make sure you have enough battery power in your ego ecig when backpacking through Europe right? Well maybe you aren’t doing something that extreme, but you may need to have enough battery when traveling anywhere. When traveling, its easier to be out and about, not close to a power source, which necessitates extra ego ecig batteries!
  • Carry the Right Charger (and don’t forget it!): Its bad enough not having a few spare ego ecig batteries, but without a charger, how are you going to get your vape on? This is the most obvious tip, but one far too often overlooked or easily forgotten. One, its very easy to forget to bring the charger, so put that on top of your list of things to bring. And another thing, if you are traveling abroad, remember, they may have different connectors for their power outlets. So just always remember to have a charger and an extra battery!
  • Be Conscious of Local Rules: Don’t use your ego cig where you’re not supposed to. Yes local public banning may be lame, but just remember that its better to respect the local laws in terms of where you can and cannot use the ego ecigs in public. In many places they are currently banned, while others they are not, just ask around.