Sir Lancelot Vape Pen Mod Review

Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod Review

Clean, Sleek and Modern = Sir Lancelot Mechanical Vape Mod

Sir Lancelot Mod Clone with Kayfun V4 RBA
Sir Lancelot Mod Clone with Kayfun V4 RBA

The Sir Lancelot Vape Pen Mod is one of our new favorite mods here at Slim Vape Pen!

The Sir Lancelot Vape Pen Mod has it all: style, versatility, easy use, and an incredible amount of power. You are going to love the look of the medieval sword on the logo, and the nod to the past is especially wonderful on a mod whose performance is truly legendary!

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can look forward to with the Sir Lancelot Vape Pen Mod:

  • Multiple battery style accommodations
  • Sliding copper pins with screw-type extension
  • 22 mm diameter
  • Reverse locking button
  • Copper threading
  • Copper top cap
  • Copper firing button
  • True mechanical mod

Multiple battery style accommodations

When you are going to all the trouble of using a vape pen mod, building your own coils, and figuring out how to get the most vapor out of your vape pen, the last thing you want is to be stuck only being able to use one kind of battery! With the Sir Lancelot vape pen mod, you can choose your battery size to best suit your own vaping preferences. You can choose between:

  • 18350
  • 18490
  • And 18650 battery sizes.

As always, since this is a mechanical mod, we strongly recommend that you use protected batteries to prevent accidental damage or personal injury. Please do not overcharge your battery.

Sliding copper pins with screw-type extension

The Sir Lancelot mod features sliding copper pins with screw-type extensions so you can be sure that your atomizer will fit perfectly, no matter what model or style you buy. Vape pens are all about the power connections. When these don’t fit well, your pen is not going to fire, or at least it won’t fire with the full amount of power that you should be able to expect. Your Sir Lancelot mod won’t ever sit unused in your drawer from being unreliable thanks to the sliding copper pins. Just make sure that all the components of your mod are screwed in tightly so that they fit together snugly, and you will be ready to vape immediately!

22 mm diameter

Connect your new favorite vape pen mod with your favorite atomizers and rebuildable dripping atomizers! 22 mm is one of the most common diameters for vape pen mods, so you can be sure of finding accessories that will fit with your Sir Lancelot mod!

Reverse locking button

No one wants their vape pen mod to accidentally fire when they aren’t using it. Accidental firing causes problems with your battery, your mod itself, and it wears out your coil and wick very quickly. The way the vape pen is supposed to work, you are supposed to pull fresh air through the coils while they are hot. This produces your clouds of vapor, and it also keeps your coils from overheating past their capacity. So when the button fires and you are not inhaling on your vape pen, your coils can easily overheat and your wick can get burned.

One really effective way to prevent accidental firing is with a reverse locking button. When you want to take a puff on your vape pen, you can easily unlock the button with just a twist, and when you are done vaping you just twist it back to lock it and prevent accidental misfiring. It’s convenient, easy to use, and keeps your vape pen safe!

Copper threading, top cap, and button

Too many mods out there use fancy-looking metal for the outside portions that users are going to see, but then use a cheap base metal for the parts that no one is going to notice. Not the Sir Lancelot mod! Every last detail is made of the same high-quality copper you see on the outside of the mod – the threading, the top cap, and even the button. Enjoy your Sir Lancelot vape pen mod with the knowledge that you are using something that is exquisitely well-crafted through and through!