Silica Wick or Ekowool Wick for RBA?

Silica Wick or Ekowool Wick for RBA?

Whats better? Silica Wick or Ekowool?

RBA stands for “rebuildable atomizer.” This is an atomizer that you use with an e juice tank. This is as opposed to an RDA, or “rebuildable dripping atomizer,” where you manually drip e juice directly onto the coil or the wick. With an RBA, you fill up the e juice tank and the wick does the entire job of transporting the e juice from the tank to the coil. As a result, it is of the utmost importance that you get a good wicking material for your RBA to ensure the best possible results.

Wick for RDA’s and RBA’s

Wick for RDA’s and RBA’s

Many people use cotton wicks, and others prefer silica wicks or Ekowool wicks for their RBAs. The leading debate is between silica wicks and Ekowool wicks at this point. Both have definite benefits. There is really no wrong answer, and it all comes down to your own personal preferences and desires. What features are you looking for in a wick? Both silica and Ekowool wicks are really great options. Today we are going to discuss some of the different things to consider when choosing a Silica wick or an Ekowool wick.

Wicking ability

Both silica and Ekowool do a great job of wicking e juice. In this way, both options are superior to cotton, which has a bit harder time providing a consistent wicking action but has other benefits. However, as much as silica and Ekowool both provide great wicking action, we have to admit that Ekowool wins when it comes to a wicking contest. Ekowool really sucks up the e juice and does a great job transferring it to your atomizer coil.

Hot spots

Whenever you install a new wick, you need to check for hot spots. These are places on the wick where the e juice does not absorb as well, and where the wick can start to burn too much. Dry firing both silica wicks and ekowool wicks can help to identify and get rid of hot spots.

Cleaning and dry firing

Unlike cotton, both silica wicks and Ekowool wicks can be dry fired. This means you can push the button and fire the atomizer coil without having any e juice present. With silica wicks, this is a good way to get rid of excess e juice after you have rinsed the wick, so you can be ready to switch flavors. With Ekowool wicks, cleaning between flavors is even easier: just dry fire until the wick turns red. This will burn off all the extra e juice and you will be ready to switch flavors right away. If there is some dark residue on the wick after dry firing it, this is just ash. Rinse it off in water and it will clean off easily.


Neither silica wicks nor Ekowool wicks are natural. The name “Ekowool” might make it sound like it is a natural fiber, but it is not and does not claim to be. If natural fibers are important to you, you are better off going with a cotton or hemp wick.