SlimVapePen Starter Kit


Shop smart and get everything a newbie vaper needs in one good-to-go bundle. Open up to find a hookah pen battery, hookah pen charger, and 2 cartridges (you choose the flavor).

Even if you’re an old-school vaper from way back, you can stash this kit away for when you’re in the mood for fresh gear. Or, wrap it up tight and send it on to a friend for a world-rocking gift.

What you get and why you’ll love it:

  • 1 hookah pen battery
  • 1 hookah pen USB charger
  • 2 cartridges (choose your flavor)
  • 100% nicotine-free cartridges
  • No ash, tar, or smoke
  • No need to keep matches and lighters
  • Slim-line construction
  • Choose from sleek matte black or durable stainless steel (battery)
  • Save cash by buying the bundle
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