Kanger Evod Pro Starter Kit 4ML

Big brother Kanger Evod.

Continuation of the Kanger line of all-in-one devices.

The main differences of the newer model is the size of the device and the power source: the Evod Pro uses a 18650 battery (which is not included with the device). The device is very easy to use. Minimum settings: you just insert the battery, fill in the liquid to the risks and enjoy the Vapour!

Features of Kanger Evod Pro Kit:

1)Model: Kanger EVOD Pro Kit

2)Diameter: 22mm

3)Thread: 510

4)Material: Pyrex Glass, Stainless Steel

5)CLOCC Coil: 0.15ohm ~ 2.5ohm

6)Charging: Micro USB port/DC5V/1000mA

7)Compatible Battery: Single 18650 cell with at least 20A discharge

8)Available Colors: Black, White, Red, Silver


The Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit is a great starter kit and is highly recommended.

Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
EVOD Starter Kit 900 Black

This is one of our favorite vape pen starter kits as it functions perfectly as we think a starter kit should. The Evod starter kit comes with everything you need to start vaping out of the box, with the exception of the ejuice (depending on where you purchase the kit). Check out the new version of the start kit here.

Who is the Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit For?

Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
Kanger Tech Evod Starter Kits

The Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit is going to be geared for the beginner, although anybody would enjoy using this starter kit. Although it doesn’t have all the advanced features of vape mods and other more advanced vaporizers, it still offers great value and a great vaping experience at a great price point of around $40.

It’s often recommended for beginners because it’s very easy to use, easy to fill, quick to charge and fairly simple to replace the atomizer heads. It’s an all in one package that is ready to vape without much hassle.

Kanger Tech EVOD Vape Pen Starter Kit Contents

The following is what you will receive with the Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit:

  • One eGo Fast USB Charger
  • One AC USB adapter (US adapter – Output: 5v 300mA)
  • Two EVOD Manual (nonstandard) eGo Batteries (Constant Voltage of 3.7v; Capacity is 650mAh)
  • Two Kanger EVOD BBC (Bottom Coil Changeable) Clearomizer Tanks (1.6ml with resistance of 2.5ohm)
  • Possibly Some eJuice and a Case (depending on where you get it)
  • User Manual

The contents of this vape pen starter kit are fairly typical of any other starter kit.  You will typically receive a battery charger, a couple batteries and a couple tanks with the EVOD starter kit. You may or may not receive ejuice or a case with your starter kit, depending on where you get it and how much you spend.

As most experienced vapers know, the atomizer head (the coil that heats up the ejuice to turn it into vapor) needs to be replaced every once in a while or else a burnt taste will arise. It’s nice to have the replacement heads come with your kit because it will last you much longer than if you didn’t have any.

Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit Battery

Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
EVOD Vape Pen Battery

This starter kit comes with an ego battery, but it’s not the standard ego battery you might be used to. It’s actually a 3.7-volt battery instead of the standard 3.2-volts of a typical ego battery. This difference in voltage can give the user a much more fulfilling and enhanced vaping experience, depending on their preferences.

The battery charger that comes with this kit can either be plugged into a computer USB port or it can be attached to the included AC adapter and then plugged into the wall outlet.

Kanger EVOD Clearomizer Tanks

Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
EVOD Vape Pen Clearomizer Tanks

One of the main reasons why this starter kit so good and highly recommended is because of the clearomizer tanks that comes with the kit.

The clearomizer tanks in this kit are the kanger EVOD BBC clearomizer tanks, which, in our opinion, are great tanks for the money.

The quality of any starter kit is typically going to depend on the quality of clearomizer tank because that is the component that creates the vapor from the ejuice. The batteries that come with the tank are usually very standardized and will typically vary on only the functionality such as variable voltage / wattage, or on the amount of time that the battery will last. This is mostly the case, but a slight benefit of this battery is that it offers 3.7 volts, which gives a better vape.

Kanger EVOD Vape Pen Atomizer Heads

Atomizers are essentially the heating coils that turn the ejuice to vapor. The atomizer heads can lasts from a week to a month (or even longer) depending on how often you vape.

The Kanger EVOD Atomizer is a bottom feed atomizer. This is an atomizer that has the heating coil at the bottom of the tank rather than the top. The benefit of these tanks is that the e juice sits right on top of the coil at all times, which prevents a burnt taste. The burnt taste is very common on top feed atomizers because the wicks can get dry when not submerged in ejuice.

Besides being a bottom feeder atomizer, the Kanger EVOD tanks are also short wick tanks, which offer many benefits over long wick thanks.

An All-Around Great Starter Kit

We recommend this starter kit for somebody that is new to vaporizers in general. This is also good for someone who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money, for those who want a starter kit that will last, and for those that want a kit that’s going to give a great vaping experience, with plenty of vapor.


How to Replace the Atomizer Heads

As time goes passes and you use your vape pen often enough, your atomizer heads gets worn out and need to be replaced. It may start to give a burnt taste and that is a sign that your atomizer head needs to be replaced.

Note that you may also get the burnt taste if you do not have enough ejuice in the tank, so just be conscious of that. Typically with vape pens, you want to make sure your tank is always full enough to where the wicks are submerged. Luckily with bottom feed tanks you are mostly always going to have submerged wicks, unless you are very low on ejuice. The burnt taste can be described as very unpleasant and as a burnt plastic taste. This is from the wick that is dry or worn out.

But even when your tank is always full, after a while your atomizer may give off a burnt taste when it needs to be replaced. When the atomizer head starts to go bad you’ll see a decline in taste (or a burnt taste) and you’ll know the time to replace the atomizer head.

Steps to replace the Atomizer Head

  1. Unscrew your battery from the clearomizer tank
  2. Unscrew the Atomizer Head and base from the clearomizer tank.
  3. Unscrew the old Atomizer Head from the base and discard
  4. Screw in a new Atomizer Head into the base
  5. Refill the tank if necessary
  6. Screw the Atomizer/Base into the Clearomizer tank
  7. Screw the Clearomizer tank back onto the battery