Mint Vape Juice


Mint 0% and 3%:
Picture a clean, green mint leaf on the edge of a cocktail tumbler. Imagine those first few chews of sweet mint gum. Conjure the taste of creme de menthe after dinner, or a candy cane on an icy evening. Now you can fill your vape with those minty memories and make new ones.

Sometimes all you need is a puff of fresh, invigorating mint to get you in the groove. Sweet like candy, cool like menthol. Get fresh without the chew, with a cooling hit of mint to take you on a sweet menthol ride. You can choose between 0% or 3% nicotine, or grab one of each. Mint is a great palate cleanser between sweeter, fruitier flavors, refreshing your senses, and triggering that focused mindset when it’s needed most.

Don’t go thinking you’re confined to just one juice. That’s right, you can combine flavors to your heart’s content. Mint is a perfect mixer to fuse with other flavors such as cherry or mango to create a cooling combo. It’s perfect for days when you’re looking for pep in your step, or to freshen your breath for a special someone. Get creative. See what you can do. Be your own vape mixologist.

Fill your eGo T Vape pen with minty goodness and puff away. Like a menthol cigarette without the tar, ash, smoke, smell, butts, and cash wasted. Why banish yourself to the elements with your lighter or matches? Stay as you are and get a thick, full vape experience your senses crave. If the Vision Spinner II is your tool of choice, charge that baby up, fill that sleek little number with minty juice and get a mouthful of sweet mint like no other.

Keep a bottle of mint juice in your stash at all times, you never know when you’ll need to freshen up.