Mango Vape Juice


Mango 0% and 3%:
Close your eyes and picture yourself on a tropical beach, your feet in crystal-clear waters, and the sun on your back. Your lips are sweet from eating fresh, ripe mango straight from the tree. Now you’re at the bar, with a mango cocktail in one hand and your vape pen in the other. Sweet, sweet bliss.

Never eaten a fresh, juicy, sweet mango on a white sand beach? Now you can…in vape form. Wrap your lips around the juiciest, most luscious mango flavor to fill your senses with either 0% or 3% nicotine. You’ll be transported to the tropics with every puff. 3% nicotine gives you that perfect cigarette-like hit, without the mess, ash, butts, and smoke. You’ll never look twice at that pack of smokes, in fact…you’ll side-eye that sucker.

Feeling creative? Experiment with your own mango fusions by mixing different liquids to create a custom flavor. Try a little mango with a drop of mint, or blueberry, mango, and lemon tart to really jump out of the box. Curate your own flavor collection and be the mixologist you always wanted to be.

Got a new eGo T Vape pen or Vision Spinner 2? Sweet as, time to get some juices in your life. Fill those sleek little pleasure pens with mango juice and puff your way to the lush life. The great thing about permanent vape pens is that you can customize your flavors, save money, and build a bond with your new pen (only a true vaper knows).

Is there a mango fanatic in your life who happens to be vape-curious? You know where this is going…get that buddy a Vision Spinner II Starter Kit and a back-up bottle of mango juice. You just made a new best friend.