Litchi Grape Vape Juice


Craving something different? Sick of the old and desire the new? March to the beat of your own drum? You’re our kinda vaper. Picture this: a plump, ripe litchi, freshly peeled. Good so far. Now imagine a fresh grape, still warm from the vine. Tangy, sweet, juicy, unexpected. That’s the Litchi Grape vape juice in an irresistible nutshell.

Think outside the box with Litchi and Grape, perfectly fused like a cocktail over ice. The exotic and the traditional combine to thrill, puff after juicy puff. Get the perfect hit with 3% nicotine to feed your craving without mess, ash, smoke, or butts. Never look twice at that pack of smokes, when did they ever fill your senses with fruity, sweet, tangy goodness? We thought so.

Litchi Grape is glorious on its own, but why stop there? Stretch your creative muscle and go a little crazy with unreal flavor combos. Add a few drops of mint to your Litchi Grape base, then hit it with Lemon Tart or a whisper of cherry. Get the idea? If you want to adjust the nicotine content, mix your 3% Litchi Grape with 0% Blueberry or Cherry to find the perfect dosage. Take the reins.

The Litchi Grape flavor liquid is at home in both the eGo T Vape and Vision Spinner II pens. Grab a starter kit and have everything you need to enter the vape life all in one go. Now, clear out a drawer and dedicate it to your vape juice flavor collection with Litchi Grape in the front row.

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