Lemon Tart Vape Juice


Does the sight of a full, bounteous lemon tree give you tingles? Do you always choose lemonade from the menu, or pick lemon meringue pie at any chance you can get? Do zesty lemon bars and lemon candy get your juices flowing? We get it. Big time. Lemon rules the citrus world…and quite possibly the entire fruit world if we’re being bold.

Lemon Tart is the vape flavor to rock your socks. Bright like summer mornings, and sweet like a sugar-rimmed cocktail glass. The Lemon Tart vape juice rocks 3% nicotine for your cigarette-free fix. Get that hit without the ash, tar, smoke, butts, lighters, matches, and wasted cash.

Life’s too short to play by the rules or keep things one-note. Get creative and mix your juices to find that unique flavor you can claim as yours. A Lemon Tart base with a few drops of Litchi Grape? Or, a Blueberry starter layered with Lemon Tart and an afterthought of mint? Sounds good to us. You can even customize your nicotine dosage by mixing 0% and 3% juices to get that perfect buzz.

So, you’ve got the juice. Check. But what about the pen? We’ve got it sorted. The eGo T Vape Starter Kit has everything you need, all in one pack. A slimline pen with a tapered mouth tip, multiple color choices, and a USB charger. Or, go for the Vision Spinner II Starter Kit with a generous battery and low-charge indicator. Either way, these pens are ready to be juiced-up with tangy, sweet, bright-eyed Lemon Tart Juice.

When life gives you lemons… choose Tangy Lemon vape juice.