Cherry Vape Juice


Cherry is a bit of a rebel in the flavor world, loved by some, untrusted by others. Well, we’re pro cherry over here, especially in vape form. Imagine the juiciest, plumpest cherry bursting with flavor and sweetness. Or, a cherry pie and custard, with a side of cherry cola. Cherry candy with a hint of tang, or a fresh stick of cherry gum. That’s what you get with every fruity puff. It’s the cherry on top of your day.

Fill your vape with 0% nicotine juice for that flavor buzz without the kick. A nicotine-free cherry vape from one of our sleek pens gives you the pleasure without the hook, ash, tar, smoke, and butts of cigarettes. Looking for a teeny nic hit? Add a few drops of 3% nicotine flavor and customize your dosage.

Fancy yourself a bit of a flavor connoisseur? A vape cocktail artist in the making? A creative genius? Vape liquids are your new medium, and cherry is the muse. Mix cherry with other drops like punchy mint, sweet mango, or unexpected litchi grape. Go on, see what you can do. These little bottles of yum are so affordable you can go wild and fulfill your flavor desires without making a dent.

Looking for a new vape pen for your new juice? Smart. Even smarter is choosing the Vision Spinner II Starter Kit, with everything you need to get that sweet inhale. Get set up with a spin dial, USB charger, and variable battery. Or, pick the eGo T Vape Starter Kit for beginners, complete with a great lineup of colors. If gifting is your jam, get a mate on the vape train with a starter pack and cherry juice.

Embrace the cherry life.