Blueberry Vape Juice


Let your mind and taste buds wander for a moment. Blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. A warm blueberry muffin with melted butter. A blueberry smoothie on a hot day. Fresh blueberries straight from the plant…mouth watering yet? Ours too. Now you can get that blue crush without the fuss, in vape form.

The humble blueberry? Not so humble now. Harness the voluptuous flavor of a ripe, sun-drenched blueberry plucked from the plant with 0% nicotine. Get the flavor kick you crave, but without the mess, ash, smoke, and butts of a cigarette. Throw those sticks in the trash and move over to the good side with blueberry-flavored pleasure.

Don’t hem yourself in, branch out into flavor land with multiple vape juices. Mix blueberry with litchi grape and see where the road takes you, or freshen your breath with a drop of mint. Vape mixology? It’s got a great ring to it, take it and run with it. Lucky these little vials are so affordable, you can collect a bunch and stock up without breaking that hundred.

Checking out your juice options before taking the plunge with a pen? Look no further. The eGo T Vape Starter Kit gets you nice and set up in one swift hit. This sleek little pen with a tapered tip and short wick comes in bold, bright, and neutral tones for the aesthetically-minded vapers out there. The Vision Spinner II packs a lot of punch with a grunty battery and adjustable voltage. If you’re already good to go with your pens and potions, get your gift on and make someone’s blueberry-flavored day with a vape pen starter pack and a collection of juices.

What are you waiting for? It’s the best way to be blue.