Puff Bar Plus

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The Puff Bar Plus is perfect for busy vapers who want a pre-filled, ready-to-go pen that will last all day. With 800+ puffs and pre-filled flavor, the Puff Bar Plus offers a whole lot in a small, compact little package, the most generous disposable in the vape-sphere. No need to waste time charging, the Puff Bar activates as soon as you take your first drag thanks to the 550mAH battery.

Each Puff Bar Plus is color-coded to match the flavor inside, serving serious style along with busy-friendly convenience. Kicking the cigarettes? The Puff Bar Plus gives you a 5% nicotine hit without the tar, ash, smoke, and smell.

Why you’ll love the Puff Bar Plus:

  • Disposable, no need to fuss with refills or charging
  • Pre-filled
  • Contains 5% Salt Nic
  • 800 puffs (equivalent to 40 cigarettes)
  • 8 delicious flavors
  • Easy-to-see flavors printed and color-coded on the bar