SlimVapePen Cartridges

All the fun lies in the cartridge, any vaper worth their flavor knows it.

Each SlimVapePen cartridge provides 300 sweet puffs when attached to the rechargeable SlimVapePen. Vape the cost-effective way and get yourself set up with the SlimVapePen Starter Kit to get the battery and charger, then stock up on these 12 irresistible cartridge flavors.

Each SlimVape cartridge is 100% nicotine-free, nothing but the best flavor creations on the market. No cleaning, no flame, just ease, pleasure, and affordability.

Why you’ll love the SlimVape cartridges:

  • 100% nicotine-free
  • 8 rich and juicy flavors
  • No cleaning required
  • Affordable
  • Sweet discounts on multipacks
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