Replacement EVOD Coils

Replacement EVOD Vape Pen Coils

How do you choose Replacement EVOD Coils that are best for you?

Replacement EVOD Coils

There’s no doubt, when it comes to durability, vape pens beat cigarettes. In fact, it’s so obvious it’s almost comical to call attention to it. With a cigarette, you burn it and it’s gone. You need a new one. With a vape pen, you vape all the e juice and you just fill it back up. Good as new. This is why you can save so much money using EVOD Coils and other brands of vape pens, e cigs and coils instead of cigarettes: it costs pennies to refill a vape pen as opposed to several dollars to buy a new pack of cigarettes.

But the fact that vape pens are permanent doesn’t mean that they never need maintenance. Sometimes the parts do wear out and you will eventually need replacement atomizer coils for your evod vape pen. The most likely part of your EVOD vape pen to wear out is your atomizer coil. Fortunately for you, you can get replacement EVOD coils easily and cheaply here at Slim Vape Pen. Just let us tell you how!

What are atomizer coils?

Atomizer coils are the part of the vape pen that actually gets hot and vaporizes the e juice. They have a wick and a small wire coil, and they connect with the battery so that when you push the button electricity goes through the coil and makes it hot, much like an old fashioned light bulb filament. The wick draws the e juice to the coil so there is always the perfect amount of e juice available to vape.

Replacement EVOD Coils
Replacement Atomizer Coil

Why do EVOD coils need to be replaced?

Wicks do not last forever and they will eventually wear out and break down as well as give your vape a bad taste. When this happens, you need to replace your coil. Also, the coil itself is made of very thin, very fragile wire and can become damaged or burn out. This is especially likely to happen if you vape dry, with your tank almost empty. However, even if you treat your vape pen perfectly you’ll still need to replace your EVOD coils eventually as the wick will wear out.

How do I know my coil needs to be replaced?

When the performance of your vape pen decreases, chances are it’s time to replace your coil. If you’re not getting as much vapor out of your vape pen as you used to or if the vapor doesn’t taste as good as it used to, these are perfect examples of signs that you need to start stocking up on some EVOD coil replacements.

Replacement EVOD Coils
Bad or Burnt Atomizer Coil on Right

Is it expensive to replace EVOD coils?

Not at all. You can check out our low prices on our replacement coils here. When you factor in the price of replacement coils, it is still infinitely cheaper to use a vape pen than to smoke cigarettes. You can buy replacement coils in bulk to save money, and then just store them away until you need to use them.

Kangertech Replacement 2.2 Ohm EVOD Coils – ONLY $9.99

Replacement EVOD Coils
Replacement Kangertech Coils 2.2Ohms

Kangertech Replacement 1.8 Ohm EVOD Coils – ONLY $9.99

Replacement EVOD Coils
Replacement Kangertech Coils 1.8Ohms

Generic (Clone) Replacement 2.5 Ohm EVOD Coils – ONLY 8.99

Replacement EVOD Coils
Replacement Atomizer Coil

How often do I need to replace my EVOD coils?

This all depends on your vaping habits. The more you vape, the faster your coil will need to be replaced. But as a good rule of thumb, you should plan to replace your coil once every couple of weeks. Some people vape so much that they have to replace their coil more than once a week; some lucky ones can go for nearly a month before they replace their coil. The best advice is to have the replacement coils on hand for when you need them, and just judge it by the way your vape pen is acting. The way you use your vape pen is different from anybody else’s, from how many puffs you take in a day to exactly how long you hold the button down when you do take a puff. And all those things affect how fast your coil is going to wear out.

Do I have to use the EVOD brand replacement coils?

The beauty of the EVOD vape pen system is that it uses standard 510 threading for all its parts, which is the most common threading size used for vape pens. This means that you can use any brand of replacement coils that also uses 510 threading. We offer several different options here at Slim Vape Pen, and each of them has different benefits. Try them out and figure out which is your favorite!