Replacement Atomizer Coils?

Replacement Atomizer Coil for T3s and MT3

So how often should you get replacement atomizer coils and heads?

If you notice that your atomizer tank doesn’t seem to be producing that once beautiful cloud of vapor and amazing flavor, you my need to replace your atomizer coils. When to replace your atomizer coils will depend on how often you are vaping as well as how often they are cleaned. Cleaning atomizer coils after every use will increase the lifetime of each atomizer coil anywhere from 1 week to 1 month. From our personal experience, we have seen atomizer coils last up to 1 month (vaping every day) with proper maintenance and cleaning.

Replacement Atomizer Coils?
Replacement Atomizer Heads and Coils

What is the difference between a Tank, Coil, Base and Atomizer Head?

  • Atomizer Tank: The atomizer tank is the main aspect of your clearomizer that holds your E Juice. The Atomizer Tank rarely needs to be replaced, however in some cases of bad maintenance, you will start to see foggy and cloudy atomizer tanks. If you are experiencing cloudy or foggy tanks, it is more than likely you have left old E Juice sitting in your tank for days on end.
  • Atomizer Coil: The Atomizer coil is one of the most important parts of your clearomizer tank. The Atomizer coil, whether a single or dual coil is what draws in the E Juice and becomes broken down the quickest. You will more than likely need to replace your atomizer coil once a month with proper maintenance. Depending on what replacement atomizer coil you are looking for, make sure that you are buying the correct ones. Replacement atomizer coils come in all shapes and sizes and can range from device to device.
  • Atomizer Base: The base of your clearomizer is what your atomizer coil screws into and then you screw the entire base into the atomizer tank to complete the set up of a clearomizer. A replacement atomizer base for clearomizers are not as often purchased as replacement atomizer coils because they don’t break down as often.
  • Atomizer Head: The atomizer head or “Atty Head” is the combination of the atomizer coil and atomizer base. Many people purchase replacement atomizer heads because it makes everything simple and easy. When you need a new atty coil, why not just get a new atty head and have a brand new coil and base.

When you need a Replacement Atomizer Coil

Replacement Atomizer Coils?
Replacement Atomizer Heads – T3, T3s, Mt3, EVOD

You can tell when you need a new replacement atomizer coil when the silica wick becomes broken down and is almost non existent. In all reality, you never want to wait this long to replace your atomizer coils. Waiting until your coils are almost 100% gone will result in horrible things for your vape. Replacing your atomizer coils and heads often will make your vaping lifestyle much more enjoyable.

Replace Atomizer Coils frequently:

  • Best Flavor
  • Best Cloud Production
  • Longer Lasting Battery Life
  • Longer Lasting Tank of E Juice
  • Re-Fill Less Often (Clean Silica Wick)

Waiting too long for Replacement atomizer coils:

  • Minimal Flavor
  • Minimal Cloud Production
  • Hard on Battery Performance
  • Re-Fill Often (Clogged Silica Wick)

Before purchasing a Replacement Atomizer Coil

This is often a matter of confusion to people, since replacing your atomizer heads and coils can be prevented as often with simple maintenance. Vape Pens and tanks together are not truly permanent devices and have many parts that can wear out and need to be replaced. There is not an exact schedule of how often you should replace your atomizer coils, and you will know when it starts to not work right and needs to be replaced. There are some tips and tricks that you should try before chucking your old atomizer tank in the trash.

  1. Clean your atomizer coils regularly! Flush your atomizer out with clean, hot water, let it dry, and then fill your atomizer tank back up with e juice. You can also clean your atomizer with Vodka by letting all parts soak for 1-3 hours. After each of these, you want to set all parts of your atomizer out to dry on a paper towel. After you clean your atomizer tank, coil and head,  blow our the out the atomizer to get any juice out that may be in the coil. This will take care of any leaking or gurgling problems that you might be having.
  2. Check the seals on your atomizer tank, coil and head. Check the seal between your atomizer head and coil and between the atomizer coil and the tank. If any of the O rings have slipped out or gotten worn, this will cause your atomizer tank to leak and can be damaging to your vape pen battery causing it to work harder. If the seals are broken, you will leak E Juice onto the firing pin of your battery, which will result in no vapor. If the seal is damaged, you definitely need to replace your atomizer coil.
  3. Is your Atomizer coil burnt? If your coil is burnt, you will not get much vapor and it will seem harder and harder to make your vape pen work, until eventually it does not work at all. The first thing to check if you notice a decrease in vapor is if your atomizer needs to be cleaned out; if it continues not to work after all the maintenance, then chances are good it needs to be replaced.

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Replacement Atomizer Coils?
Replacement Atomizer Coil

In any case, we hope this helps you understand the different parts of a clearomizer and atomizer. This should give you a good idea about Replacement Atomizer Coils and Heads.