Pink Vision Spinner Starter Kit Benefits

Pink Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit

Features and Benefits of the Pink Vision Spinner Starter Kit

If you’re looking for great power output from your vape pen and more control than you’ve ever had from a starter kit pen, you are going to love the Vision Spinner Starter Kit! The Vision Spinner Vape Pen battery packs a powerful 1600 mAh, which gives it enough power to basically keep going for as long as you need it to. You shouldn’t have a problem with needing to recharge it even if you’re spending an entire day out and about. This is a great option for people who vape a lot or who don’t have access all the time to places to charge their vape pens with a vape pen charger.

Pink Vision Spinner Starter Kit Benefits
Vision Spinner Vape Pen Starter Kit – Pink

But the huge battery capacity is far from the only exciting thing about the Vision Spinner. The real selling point is the variable voltage. You can choose any voltage between 3.3 and 4.8 volts, so whether you want tons of vapor or very little you can get exactly what you want. The voltage you set your Pink Vision Spinner on will also determine how long the charge lasts, so if you have it set to a very high voltage you are probably going to end up with a drained battery much faster than if you set it to a low voltage. Some people adjust their voltage throughout the day to make sure the battery life is going to last. It’s also great to have variable voltage simply because different social situations often have different amounts of vapor that are acceptable. Control your vaping experience with variable voltage!

With the Vision Spinner Starter Kit from Slim Vape Pen, you get one Vision Spinner battery, one clearomizer tank, a USB charger and a wall charger adapter.

Pink Vision Spinner Battery: The Vision Spinner battery features 510 threading, so it is completely interchangeable with any other accessories that are also 510 threaded. This fantastic battery features variable voltage capability so you can completely customize your vaping experience. Whether you need to make sure that your battery lasts throughout the day, want to modify your vaping amount to be socially appropriate in any situation, or want to be able to find the “sweet spot” for your favorite e juice flavors, you are going to love having variable voltage for your vape pen! And yes, different e juice flavors do have different ideal voltages where they are vaporized at the perfect temperature and just taste the best. Don’t believe us? Try it out! You might be surprised.

Pink Vision Spinner Clearomizer Tank

Pink Vision Spinner Starter Kit Benefits
Pink T3S Clearomizer Tank For Vision Spinner

We are firm believers in bottom coil clearomizer (BCC) tanks at Slim Vape Pen. They keep the wick constantly saturated, guaranteeing you great vapor with each puff. Instead of the long wicks that are necessary for top coil tanks, bottom coil models use very short wicks so they are easy to clean out whenever you are ready to switch e juice flavors.

Vision Spinner Charger

The USB charger comes standard with the starter kit. For convenience, there is also a wall charger adapter, so you can charge your vape pen from your computer or your car, or plug it into the wall for the fastest charge of all.

Other Pink Vape Pen Starter Kit Options

If you aren’t ready to try the vision spinner starter kit, there are many other options that are suited more for beginners that don’t want to spend as much. The reason someone would want a variable voltage is to customize the vape temperature and thus the vaping experience. The are preferable, but if you are just starting out and didn’t want to spend the higher prices of variable voltage.

Pink Vision Spinner Starter Kit Benefits
Pink Vape Pen Evod Starter Kit