Mutant Vape Pen Mod Review

Mutant – Mechanical Vape Pen Mod Review

Mutant Vape Pen Mod

Features, Benefits and Review of the Mutant Mechanical Vape Pen Mod

The Mutant vape pen mod is a great option if you’re looking for great versatility and ease of use. At Slim Vape Pen, we offer the Mutant in your choice of black or copper. You can look forward to:

  • 26650 battery capacity
  • Magnetic button
  • Recessed button
  • 510 threading

26650 battery

The 26650 battery is the biggest battery that is readily available for vape pen mods, and it puts a lot of power into your hands. Look forward to barely ever having to recharge your battery with the Mutant vape pen mod!

Magnetic, recessed button

The magnetic button gives you a great experience using the Mutant vape pen, because it gives a nice solid click that you can feel whenever you push it. This makes it less likely that you will deal with accidental firing. It also means that you can enjoy the feeling of the magnetic button every time you pull out your vape pen for a puff. The fact that the button is recessed means that it is even less likely to be fired accidentally. Accidental firing can damage your mod or your atomizer, burn out your wick, or even cause injury. Keep your pen and yourself safe by choosing a style such as the Mutant with a recessed, magnetic button.

Mutant Vape Pen Mod

510 threading

Attach the Mutant mod to your favorite atomizer coil or rebuildable dripping atomizer coil with 510 threading. This is the threading size that is most commonly used, which means that you are more likely to have a match that fits well together.