Mix Vapes E Juice

Mix Vapes Ejuice

Introducing Mix Vapes Hand Crafted USA Made E-Juice

Mix Vapes E Juice in Carlsbad, CA: Mix Vapes e juice offers e juice flavors in an immense number of flavors and varieties. These flavors span the spectrum from sweet, simple flavors that make you feel good no matter where you are, to sophisticated, grown-up tastes that tickle the taste buds and show you that vape pens can really be one of the finer things in life. If you have a particularly favorite flavor of cigarettes, chances are we also have a tobacco-flavored e juice that will give you the taste you are craving without having to light up a tar-filled, stinky old cigarette. Check out some of the great flavors offered by Mix Vapes and see which ones you want to try next!

The family at Slim Vape Pen is incredibly excited to offer the Mix Vapes E-Juice Line! Take a look, you will be just as stoked as we are, we promise!

  • Berry N-ice: Berry N-ice ejuice combines the delicious flavors of blackberries and blueberries for a fruity flavor boost! The sweetness of the berries is calmed down with a dash of minty coolness for a completely refreshing vape flavor.
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice Berry N’Ice
  • Blackberry Blitz: The Blackberry Blitz ejuice takes the blueberry/blackberry blend flavor of Berry N-ice, takes away the minty flavor, and adds a bit of extra sweetness to evoke the flavor of a berry candy.
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice Blackberry Blitz
  • Breakfast Blend: Imagine the perfect breakfast, distilled into a puff from your vape pen. That is what you get with Breakfast Blend. This amazing flavor combines the tastes of cappuccino, French toast, and chocolate to give you the perfect breakfast experience straight from your vape pen! It’s like Willy Wonka gum except it won’t turn you into a blueberry.
  • Butterscotch YO!: Enjoy the smooth, sweet taste of butterscotch with Butterscotch YO! from Mix Vapes. The distinctive buttery flavor of your favorite butterscotch candy comes to you without any calories or stickiness in this delicious e juice flavor.
  • Cactus Cool: The Cactus Cool flavor brings out flavors of pineapple and orange soda. Enjoy the tang of citrus fruits and the sweetness of soda in your vape pen. This is definitely an everyday vape flavor.
  • Candy Cane: We love the holidays at Slim Vape Pen, and Candy Cane e juice from Mix Vapes is the perfect way to get into the merry mood. Enjoy the cool, tingly flavor of peppermint and the tastes that bring you back to your childhood.
  • Churrai: Churrai is short for churro-chai, and that is exactly what this awesome e juice flavor tastes like. The taste of a sweet, rich, buttery cinnamon churro is blended the spicy and sweet taste of chai tea in this e juice. What could be better?
  • Cinn: The taste of cinnamon is so complex and so delicious that it really doesn’t need any other flavors to set it off. In this e juice, the glorious flavor of cinnamon stands alone, and we personally think that in this case at least, less is definitely more. You will want to keep coming back to this e juice flavor over and over again.
  • Cinny Buns: You know the feeling when you are walking through the mall and you are overtaken by the heady scent of cinnamon buns? Your mouth starts watering uncontrollably and there’s nothing else you can think of but how much you want a cinnamon bun right now. Have your cinnamon bun without the calories with Cinny Bun e juice from Mix Vapes! It’s all about the taste, and the taste of this e juice blend is unparalleled.
  • Cowboy Killer: There is a famous brand of tobacco cigarettes on the market that uses a cowboy as its mascot. Unfortunately, for all its glorification of cowboys, these cigarettes have sent all too many real cowboys to an early death. There’s no denying that the flavor is delicious, though, which is why now you can get the same amazing taste of these cigarettes in an e juice, for a clean vaping experience that reminds you of those Wild West cigarette commercials.
  • Frostbite: If you’ve ever enjoyed the taste of a menthol cigarette, you know that this is a flavor you are not likely to forget. The smooth, crisp coolness of the mint pairs perfectly with the heat of the tobacco. Now you can get the same taste in your e juice with Frostbite. Taste the flavor of premium high quality tobacco and menthol, all without any tar in your lungs or any stinky smell lingering on your clothes.
  • Funky Monkey: Mix Vapes Funky Monkey is one of our most popular and favorite flavors, and we know you are going to love it just as much as we do! We take the creamy, sweet taste of bananas, mellow it down just a bit, and mix in the taste of dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter, and graham crackers. It’s just like the ice cream flavor, but guilt-free! Indulge to your heart’s extent.
  • Honey Cuban: Love the taste of Cuban tobacco? Now you can have it at a reasonable price in a delicious e juice. This e juice gives you the taste of honey aged tobacco, combining the sophisticated pleasure of your favorite Cuban cigar with the practicality of your favorite vape pen.
  • Horchata: If you have never had Horchata, you are in for a treat! If you love real Horchata and are cynical that anyone could ever imitate the flavor of this delicious classic Spanish drink in an e juice, prepare to have your socks knocked off. This amazing e juice flavor delivers the creamy deliciousness of real Spanish Horchata, complete with the perfect balance of vanilla and cinnamon.
    It’s Bananas: Who doesn’t love the taste of bananas? This great e juice flavor gives you the taste of America’s favorite fruit, for a mild vaping experience that is sure to satisfy every single time.
  • Key Lime Pie: This Key Lime Pie ejuice is a distinctive dessert made from the limes grown in the Florida Keys. Many people use regular limes to create confections that they try to pass off as Key Lime Pie, but the real stuff uses Key Limes, which are small and yellow instead of bright green. If you are a connoisseur of this particular confection, you know that there is definitely a difference in taste. This e juice flavor tastes like the real stuff. Mix Vapes Key Lime Pie e juice has a perfect flavor to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. So go ahead and indulge!
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice Key Lime Pie
  • Lemon Cheesecake: Enjoy the creamy, tangy flavor of lemon cheesecake ejuice without any guilt about calories! Mix Vapes Lemon Cheesecake e juice has just the balance of sweetness and sourness that you are craving. Give it a try! You will definitely not be disappointed.
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice Lemon Cheesecake
  • Lime Ice: When you throw lime ice cubes into a drink, you get a light, refreshing lime flavor that is cooling and tangy without being overpowering. This is exactly the effect you get with Mix Vapes Lime Ice e juice. You won’t be blown away by the sourness of the lime so you’ll be able to keep vaping this e juice over and over again. Enjoy!
  • Lime Sour Patch: This e juice evokes a popular childhood candy. When you inhale you get the mouth-puckering sour flavor that you loved as a kid when you would first put this candy in your mouth. When you exhale you get all the sweetness you could taste in the same candy, after the sour bit on the outside had dissolved. Kick up your heels and remember a time when all you had to worry about was homework with this throwback e juice flavor!
  • Melion – Aire: The distinctive flavor blend of melion-aire ejuice will make you feel like a million bucks! Starting with a base flavor of honeydew melon, Mix Vapes adds in the distinctively unique taste of dragon fruit, and finishes it out with a special fruit blend that balances out the flavors perfectly. We can’t guarantee that this e juice flavor will give you good luck or help you become a millionaire, but you just might end up feeling like one with this awesome e juice flavor!
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice Melion – aire
  • Mellow Blend: For the tobacco connoisseurs who want to switch to vaping without giving up the delicious taste of tobacco, the mellow blend has a sweet and bold flavor mixture that is sure to satisfy. Enjoy the taste of artisanal blended tobacco in a convenient vape pen e juice.
  • Melon Bomb! Remember melon flavored bubble gum? This is the e juice version of the amazing candy flavor that delights kids of all ages. And now you can enjoy it without worrying about your blood sugar, your waistline, or the effects on your teeth. Puff away!
  • Mint Chip: The refreshing taste of mint chocolate chip ice cream comes to your vape pen with Mix Vapes Mint Chip e juice flavor!There is a reason why mint chocolate chip ice cream is one of America’s favorite ice cream flavors – it is simply, incredibly delicious! Now you can combine the sweet and bitter taste of dark chocolate with the cooling, refreshing taste of mint in your vape pen any time you want to get your mint chocolate chip fix.
  • Mojito Melon: The refreshing taste of a mojito, with its signature mint and cucumber taste, is combined with the sweetness of honeydew melon to bring you this fantastic e juice. Sweet, light, and refreshing, this is an e juice flavor you can vape all day, every day, without getting burned out or bored.
  • Money: Take a taste of the money ejuice today! What does money taste like? Probably not very good, if you’re trying to chew up dollar bills. We don’t recommend this. But if you are working on blending e juices and accidentally mix your Cowboy Killer e juice with your Butterscotch Yo!, you might be tempted, as the blending genius at Mix Vapes was, to shout “Money!” (Archimedes probably would have said “Eureka” instead, but we’re American here, not Greek.) That is exactly what this flavor is: the smoothness of our Cowboy Killer tobacco e juice with the sweetness of our Butterscotch Yo! e juice, combined into a flavor that is the perfect everyday vape for anyone who loves tobacco blends.
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice Money
  • Mountain Brew: It’s not Mountain Dew, it’s Mountain Brew! The signature lemon-lime soda flavor that has kept so many drivers awake on long car trips comes to you in convenient e juice form for your vape pen. Don’t rely on it to stay awake, though – it has nicotine in it, not caffeine.
  • Nanagraham: Banana Nut Bread combines the creamy sweetness of banana with the nutty, rich flavor of graham flour. Now you can get this same taste in your e juice with Mix Vapes Nanagraham e juice flavor. It’s like the perfect morning meal in your vape pen!
  • Orange Cream: Enjoy the tangy citrus flavor of orange, mellowed out with the creamy sweet flavor of vanilla ice cream, with Mix Vapes Orange Cream e juice flavor. It’s like your favorite Creamsickle ice cream pop, all grown up and without the calories.
  • Pacific Cooler: The combination of blueberry and strawberry gives a mild, sweet fruity flavor for your e juice. Mix Vapes Pacific Cooler e juice tastes just like Capri Sun. Take a trip back to your childhood!
  • Peach Fuzz: Remember those gummy peach candy rings? The sensation of biting into them was so satisfying and delicious. Now you can have the same experience in your e juice, without ever having to worry about the sugar rotting your teeth!
  • POG Juice: If you have ever been to Hawaii, you probably remember the local drink known as POG Juice with fondness. The delicious and unique blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava gives an unforgettable taste that is as nourishing as it is delicious. Now you can have the same taste in your vape pen, no matter where in the country you are. So fill up and puff away!
  • Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin spice evokes the changing of seasons, when chilly breezes replace swelteringly hot days and we reach for our favorite sweaters and scarves instead of our summer signature flip flops and tank tops. Get into the mood with Pumpkin Spice e juice! Even if you aren’t enjoying a New England autumn, your taste buds still can!
  • Raspberry Cream Saver: Cream and raspberries, raspberries and cream. Was there ever a more perfect flavor combination? The smoothness of the cream balances out the tanginess of the raspberries, and together combines to make a delightful experience, whether you are having it as a dessert or in your vape pen.
  • Redies: Some people drink energy drinks because they need a pick me up. Other people drink energy drinks because they just taste delicious. Mix Vapes Redies e juice won’t give you wings like the popular energy drink will, but it tastes just like it anyway. If you love the flavor of energy drinks, you’re sometimes out of luck when you’ve had as many energy drinks as you can have in a day and your heart’s starting to race a bit. But now you can keep enjoying the delicious flavor without overdosing on caffeine. Give your tongue a boost!
  • Rum & Cola: Enjoy the delicious flavor of rum and cola in your vape pen.
    Shark Bite: It might look bloody, but it’s delicious and completely fruit-based. This fruity concoction is made of blood orange, black cherry, and guava flavors. This is a fruity blend that will be sure to please even the pickiest of vape pen users!
  • Snickerdoodle: Snickerdoodles are some of the most popular cookie flavors you can find in any bakery, and it is no wonder why! The intoxicating aroma of sugary dough and cinnamon coating wafting through the air as snickerdoodles bake is one of the best memories of many people’s childhood. Enjoy the delicious taste of snickerdoodles in your vape pen with Mix Vapes Snickerdoodle e juice!
  • Sour Caramel Apple: Who doesn’t love the delicious combination of sour and sweet in a caramel apple? The mouth puckering tang of a green apple coated in the sticky sweetness of caramel is a classic fall and winter treat. Enjoy it year round and without the stickiness with Mix Vapes Sour Caramel Apple e juice!
  • Strawberry Lemonade: Bring back summer with Strawberry Lemonade e juice. One puff will take you back to carefree days of running barefoot on the grass and coming inside to cool off with a glass of lemonade and a plate of fresh strawberries.
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice Strawberry Lemonade
  • Strawpeary: Strawberries and pears… a match made in heaven. The smooth sweetness of pears balances out the sour sweetness of strawberries to make a delicious, fruity e juice flavor you will be happy to vape every day.
  • Sweet Peach Tea: There’s just something about a big frosty glass of sweet peach tea. Enjoy the taste of summer and southern hospitality with this fantastic e juice flavor, which has just the right amount of sweetness.
  • Sweet RY 4: Sweet RY 4 is another must-try e juice for people who love tobacco flavored e juice. This tobacco blend includes hints of vanilla and caramel to satisfy your sweet tooth too. Pay close attention and you will notice fruity hints at the end. Enjoy this smooth, luxurious e juice!
  • Tangiers: The fresh citrus taste of tangerines is as beautiful as the city in Morocco in which they originated. Enjoy this refreshing e juice flavor any time of the day!
  • The Burbs: This is the e juice for people who love cigars. Switching to vape pens from cigars can be a little harder than switching from cigarettes because there are so many more cigarette flavors out there than cigar flavors. The Burbs features black honey tobacco and bourbon flavors to satisfy the discriminating palate of any cigar lover.
  • The Burbs 2.2: This is a lighter, fruitier version of the original flavor of The Burbs. You get your smooth tobacco flavor finished off with bourbon, but you’ll also notice the sparkling taste of ginger ale and the refreshing taste of lemon.
  • Tropicool: There are lots of cooling menthol and fruit flavors at Mix Vapes, but this one stands out by being more about the menthol than the fruit. If you’re looking for a super minty flavor with sweet hints of mango, strawberry and guava, this is the flavor for you.
  • Vanilla Custard: Enjoy the smooth sweetness of vanilla custard ejuice from mix vapes with this excellent e juice flavor!
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice Vanilla Custard
  • Vanilla Nut Tobacco: Another of our best-selling tobacco flavors, Vanilla Nut Tobacco combines the taste of premium tobacco with the creamy flavor of nuts and the sweetness of vanilla.
  • White Yummy Bear: We know you hoarded the white gummy bears as a kid because they were the best. We all did it. Now you can enjoy the berry, citrus, pineapple flavor you loved so much in your e juice with the White Yummy Bear Ejuice from Mix Vapes.
Mix Vapes E Juice
Mix Vapes e juice White Yummy Bear