KangerTech SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual

KangerTech SUBOX Mini Starter Kit Instruction Guide and Manual

This is a complete overview, review, instruction manual, guide and tutorial of the Kangertech SUBOX Mini

Well, let me put it lightly, the Kangertech SUBOX Mini starter kit (Kanger KBOX Mini) is a must own box mod for ALL vapers! Easy to use, yet extremely powerful, the Kangertech SUBOX Mini box mod packs a serious punch with a smooth warm vapor. This box mod has the ability to switch between the replacement OCC (organic cotton coils) and the Kanger RBA deck for the advanced users. This kangertech subox mini review and overview is more of a tutorial on the kangertech subox mini, more than an in depth review on vapor production and internal components of the device. Many people love this device for the kangertech subox mini OCC coils and the subox mini battery which uses a 18650 IMR Battery. Check out the Model-C Version

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SUBOX Mini Features (The Housing):
  • 510 Threaded
  • Adjustable wattage settings: 7 to 50 watts
  • On/off – press the power button 5 times
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low battery warning
  • 10 second cut off safety feature
  • Magnet battery cover
  • Utilizes one high amp 18650 battery
Subtank Mini (The Tank):
  • 510 connector
  • RBA Coil Deck – Build your own coils!
  • Glass Tank
  • Sub-ohm 0.5ohm
  • Sub-ohm Coil – Massive Vapor
  • Airflow Control with Three Settings
  • OCC – Organic Cotton Coil Head
  • Organic Cotton made in Japan
  • Mini RBA Base allows you to
  • 4.5ml liquid Capacity

Below, we have provided a complete overview, instruction manual and instruction guide on how to use the Kangertech SUBOX Mini box mod. If you are currently using the classic eGo-T Vape Pen or the Kangertech EVOD vape pen, this will be a noticeable upgrade that is easy to use but will provide a much better vaping experience. The Kangertech SUBOX Mini is a step up from the KangerTech Topbox NanoStarter Kit due to the noticeably larger tank and higher quality design.

Step 1 – Unscrew the Subtank Mini (The Tank) from the Housing

After you have un-boxed the Kangertech SUBOX/ KBOX Mini, it will come already assembled with a plastic sleeve around it for protection against scratches. Remove the plastic sleeve from the housing and unscrew the Subtank Mini from the KBOX housing unit. You can remove the Subtank by twisting counter clockwise.

Step 2 – Unscrew Subtank Mini Base with OCC (Organic Cotton Coil)

Set the KBOX housing to the side and unscrew the atomizer base and the OCC coil from the tank Subtank housing.

Step 3 – Soak the OCC (Oraganic Cotton Coil) in both exposed Air Holes

You want to start by soaking the OCC coil in both exposed air holes to allow ejuice to completely soak into the cotton. Take an ejuice dropper to drop a single drip of ejuice in both holes, one at a time, letting each single drop completely soaking in before another drop is made. Once you have multiple drips on both sides of the OCC coil, you want to make sure the ejuice is completely soaked into the cotton before the next step.

Step 4 – Soak OCC (Organic Cotton Coils) in Center Tube – FROM THE SIDE

This is not a required step, but we did find that by slightly soaking the center tube from the side, it allows the ejuice to better soak into the OCC coil. It is very important in this step to not over soak the center tube as this will cause leaking, gurgling or even a leaking tank. What you want to do is take one drop at a time on the edge of the center tube to soak the cotton. You will only need about 2-3 drops of ejuice to completely soak the center cotton.

Step 5 – Let your Organic Cotton Coil sit and soak for 10-20 Minuets

Step 6 – Fill the Subtank Mini Tank to the Black Fill Line (Pictured Below)

Step 7 – Screw Base back on the Subtank Mini Tank

Pictured below are the three settings for the adjustable air flow. This is one area where the SUBOX/ KBOX mini really stood out from the rest of the Kanger Box Mods. The adjustable airflow is the best feature of this mod as you can choose how much vapor you want the unit to produce.

KangerTech SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual

Note: Adjustable Air Flow Size Small

KangerTech SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual

Note: Adjustable Air Flow Size Medium

KangerTech SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual

Note: Adjustable Air Flow Size Large

Step 8 – Screw Subtank Mini back onto Kanger SUBOX / KBOX Mini housing

Step 9 – Opening the IMR Battery Housing/ Magnetic Latch

KangerTech SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual

Step 10 – Insert IMR Battery into Housing of Kanger SUBOX / KBOX Mini

Note: Connections are Upside Down

Step 11 – Connect the IMR Battery Magnetic Latch

KangerTech SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual

Step 12 – The Kanger SUBOX / KBOX Mini Controls

  1. ON/ OFF: 5 fast clicks on fire button
  2. +/- Button: Control Adjustable Wattage
  3. OLED Display: Battery Level, Resistance and Output Wattage
  4. Adjust Display: Hold +/- Button at the Same Time
KangerTech SUBOX Mini Instruction Manual

Step 13 – The Kanger SUBOX / KBOX Mini Coils

The coils that come with the SUBOX/ KBOX Mini are OCC (Organic Cotton Coils) and a rebuildable deck (RBA) for the advanced users. We will be posting the “How to rebuild Kanger Box Mod Coils” next.

Stay Tuned!