KangerTech NEBOX Instruction Guide

KangerTech NEBOX – Box Mod Setting Up, Filling Tank and Overview

This is an overview of the KangerTech NEBOX and Instruction Guide for setting up, using and getting started. Setting up the KangerTech NEBOX Box Mod is fairly simple and we will show you how easy this mod is to use. As opposed to other mechanical mods and regulated mods, the KangerTech NEBOX Box Mod is an all in one design which means the tank is actually in the body and housing of the unit. There is no RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer Coil/ Tank); however, there is a RBA deck which you can use to rebuild coils.

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Step 1 – Unscrew the Tank Housing with the Provided Key (Quarters and Nickles work as well)

First you want to unscrew the main tank component which holds your coils. Weather you are using the RBA deck to re-build your coils or using the coils that KangeTech provides, this section will hold and house your coils. This component can be unscrewed with your fingers; however, using the provided key or a quarter will be a little easier. The cool part about the provided key is that it has a hole that you can slide onto your key ring (which is nice if you don’t have any spare change laying around).

Step 2 – Primer or “Soak” your SSOCC (Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil) for 10 – 20 Minuets

This part is very IMPORTANT. Soak your coils all the way around the SSOCC coil in the exposed cotton holes. Once you have covered some solid ground on soaking these coils, you want to repeat this step a couple more times for about 2-3 minuets just to be sure you are completely soaking the coil for the first time. This will need to be done for all new coils moving forward and only needs to be done once for new coils in the beginning.  Failure to soak your coil will result in a dry or burnt hit/ taste and no one likes that.

KangerTech NEBOX Instruction Guide
KangerTech NEBOX Box Mod Instructions – Soaking the Coil

Step 3 – Tilt the body of the NEBOX Box Mod and slowly fill the large 10ml volume tank

Once you have completely soaked your coil with ejuice, move onto filling your tank. Tilt the KangerTech NEBOX Box Mod to ensure you will not fill any juice down the center tube (this is where you inhale from). Once you have the Box Mod tilted, carefully and slowly fill the tank with your desired ejuice flavor until you have reached a level that is just below the connection component. Keep in mind, this tank is MASSIVE. The all-in-one KangerTech NEBOX tank holds 10ml of ejuice. You may not have enough juice to fill the tank, but that is OK, just buy some more here (Nicoclean eJuice).

KangerTech NEBOX Instruction Guide
NEBOX Box Instructions – Filling the ALL-IN-ONE Tank

Step 4 – Screw on the SSOCC Coil and Housing unit back onto the body of the NEBOX Bod Mod

After you have reached the level you are comfortable vaping with, screw back on the coil component and tighten it down with the provided key or a quarter. CAUTION: do not over tighten. Ejuice has a tendency to get very sticky and if you over-tighten your tank, you may not be able to get it off without pliers, no one wants an ugly NEBOX, so don’t do that.

Step 5 – Unscrew the IMR Battery housing with the provided key (Quarters and Nickles work as well)

After you finish screwing on your tank and coil section, start by wiping down the NEBOX Mod if you have spilled any ejuice. This will prevent from any ejuice leaking into you IMR battery section. Unscrew the IMR battery section with the provided key.

Step 6 – Check the internal section of the IMR component  (+ is top and – is bottom)

After you remove the IMR battery cover and cap, take a look down to the bottom (top of mod) to see that + is at the top and – is at the bottom.

Step 7 – Insert your IMR Battery with + end facing top of NEBOX Box Mod and – at the bottom

Insert your IMR Batteries and make sure you are dropping the battery in the correct way. Positive (+) is at the top and Negative (-) is at the bottom.

Step 8 – Screw on the IMR Battery component with provided key

Here is where things can get a little tricky. For some reason, it is somewhat of a pain to screw on the IMR battery cap while there is a battery in the unit. If you find that this is happening to you, be patient, THIS IS NORMAL. You have to get the threads just right in order for the IMR battery cap to go one effortless. Once you get the IMR battery cap back on the unit, the display should light up and say “KangerTech”.

KangerTech NEBOX Instruction Guide
NEBOX Box Instructions – Screwing in IMR Battery

Step 9 – Adjusting temperature controls with the NEBOX Box Mod

There are many controls on the KangerTech NEBOX Box Mod. We will list them out for you so you can understand what you are doing and what all the settings mean.

  1. Press fire button 5 times: ON/OFF
  2. Press fire button 3 times: Select Wattage Output
  3. M1 Mode/ M2 Mode: Select Up/Down buttons together to toggle output of wattage
  4. M3 Mode: Up/Down button to set wattage and fire button to set
  5. Preset Catalog: HOLD UP/DOWN (2 Seconds)
  6. Reverse LCD Display: Turn off NEBOX > Press Up/Down buttons (2) Seconds > Choose Orientation

Step 10 – View of the provided RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer Coil) Deck and housing

This is a view of the RBA deck, we have not tried rebuilding the coils in the KangerTech NEBOX, but we are very excited that they included an RBA deck for all of us builders out there. The NEBOX is a very impressive little mod. Personally, here in the Slim Vape Pen office, we were using Mechanical Mods and just about everyone is using one of these now. Seriously, very impressive box mod. 

KangerTech NEBOX Instruction Guide
NEBOX Box Instructions – View of KangerTech RBA Deck

If you would like to see the exact features, starter kit contents and whats in the box, view the product page of the KangerTech NEBOX Box Mod.