EVOD Starter Kit Pros & Cons

Some cons to the kanger tech EVOD starter kit are:


  • Not Variable voltage

There aren’t too many cons to this kit, but one would be that some people prefer the variable voltage like that of the eGo C twist. This vape pen is usually popular with people who have been vaping for a while and want a more customize experience.


  • Battery has a Voltage of 3.7 volts
  • Great Clearomizer tanks
  • Bottom Feed Tank
  • EVOD Clearomizer tanks don’t leak
  • Short Wick Tank
  • Easy to operate
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Inexpensive
  • Battery has a Constant 3.7 Volts

Even though it is not variable voltage, it still offers 3.7 V compared to the typical 3.2 V of a standard ego battery.  This typically offers a better vaping experience for the user as it gives more power to allow for more vapor production. With that said, many users find that after vaping for a while they want the variable voltage to give a more customized vaping experience – to give a cooler or warmer vape or to control the amount of vapor produced.

It you are a beginner, it probably won’t matter much to you, as you typically don’t know what you like in terms of a vape pen or vaping experience until you’ve had more experience with vaping to learn what you like and don’t like. You may not even be able to tell the different between different levels of voltage. Just keep the variable voltage in mind after you have been vaping for some time.

EVOD Clearomizer Tanks Are Excellent

Another benefit to this starter kit is that the EVOD tanks are all around excellent tanks. When judging a vape pen, the tanks are usually the subject of concern as they are the cause of a user’s good or bad experiences because the tanks are the mechanism that drives vapor production.

The tanks in this kit are bottom feed and offer a great vaping experience because of that fact. Users will like that they don’t get the dreaded burnt taste as much as long wick top feed tanks like the Ce5 or Ce4 Tanks.

EVOD Clearomizer Tanks Do Not Leak

Another big benefit to this vape starter kit is that the EVOD tanks hardly ever leak, if at all, compared to some other tanks on the market. Some other tanks, quite frankly can leak quite a bit if you aren’t careful. If you’ve ever been a victim to a leaky tank, you will know how frustrating this can be.

EVOD Clearomizer Tanks Are Short Wick & Bottom Feed

Another benefit is that these tanks are short wick, bottom feed tanks.  This is going to allow for optimum vapor production and it’s not going to need the constant twirling of your vape pen or tilting it in the air like some top feed long wick tanks force you to do (or else the dreaded burnt taste).

Take, for instance, the CE5 tanks. You have to tilt the vape pen in the air so that it does not give you a burnt taste when the wicks get dry. With bottom tanks however, it’s always submerged in the ejuice so you don’t have to deal with any of these annoying issues.

EVOD Vape Starter Kits Are Easy To Use and Look Good

Another pro to this starter kit is it looks really slick and is very easy to operate. You can also get many different colors to suit your style. It just looks like a solid vape pen when holding it in your hand.

EVOD Vape Starter Kit Cost

One other big benefit is the cost. This starter kit is very inexpensive at around $40. You get a lot of value with a small amount of money. You’re getting two batteries and two tanks, which mean you’re getting two vaporizer pens. You’re also getting five replacement atomizer heads, which will probably allow for over two or three months of vaping, depending on frequency of use.

Overall this is a great vape starter kit with tons of benefits with little downside, all for a great price. This Starter Kit is highly recommended.

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