Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit Tutorial

Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
EVOD Vape Pen Starter Kit

Introducing the Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit

The Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit is a great starter kit for anybody whether you are a beginner or veteran vaper.  It is a high-quality kit at a very reasonable price point of about $40.

What separates the Kanger Tech EVOD Vape Pen Starter Kit from other kits is that it has a nonstandard eGo type battery that offers a constant 3.7 volts rather than the typical 3.2 V of a standard ego battery. The 3.7 volts will give the user more power and a more fulfilling vaping experience.

Another thing that separates this starter kit from the rest, is that it has a great clearomizer tank to go with it. This EVOD clearomizer is a bottom feed tank and offers a great vaping experience and doesn’t share some of the common disadvantages of other tanks like leaking or burnt taste issues.

It performs great, the batteries last a long time, the tank is awesome and this kit will give you plenty of vapor. In our opinion, it’s one of the best starter kits you can get for the money.

Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit Contents

With this kit you will get:

  • Two EVOD 650mah Batteries (3.7v)
  • Two EVOD Bottom Coil tanks
  • AC and USB charger
  • Five replacement bottom coil heads
  • User Manual
  • Maybe some ejuice and a case (depending on where you get the kit)

EVOD Batteries

The batteries that come with this starter kit are 650-mAh batteries, but they are a constant 3.7 volts. This is better than the standard 3.2 volts because it gives more power to the atomizer, which produces a better vapor.

The 650-mAh batteries should last you between 6 to 12 hours, depending on the amount of time that you vape. You may also be able to find the same starter kit that has more powerful batteries than the normal 650 milliamp, if you preferred. With that said the 650 mA batteries should last most users all day, and since you have a backup battery you may not care about a higher capacity battery.

If you’re somebody that is a very heavy user of your vaporizer pen, it may last you only six hours on this battery whereas somebody that is just beginning vaping may have his or her battery last 12 to 15 hours. It just really all depends on how much you use the vaporizer pen.

To charge the batteries you can connect the battery to the included usb cord and plug that usb cord into a computer or you can plug it into the included ac adapter for a faster charge. Note that you should let the battery die down close to all the way depleted or all the way depleted and then charge it to a full charge. This keeps the integrity of the battery and ensures it will give you a full charge throughout its life. Its just good to do this with any rechargeable battery, especially in the very beginning.

EVOD Clearomizer Tanks

These may look like cartomizer tanks because they are aluminum (not clear), but they are clearomizer tanks. Not all cartomizer tanks are metal and not all clearomizer tanks are clear. In either case we always recommend getting a clearomizer tank over the cartomizer varieties.

These tanks that come with the starter kit are great tanks because they are the EVOD tanks. Generally most people that are in the know will tell you they are great tanks just because they are designed very well.

They are bottom feed short wick tanks, so you will not get a lot of leakage (if any) nor will you get a lot of burnt task because your wicks are dry. The reason is that the ejuice sits on top of the wicks so they are always submerged in ejuice.

Replacement Atomizer Heads

This vape starter kit also comes with five replacement heads, which should last you a fairly good amount of time. The nature of atomizers is that they do wear out over time, so this is normal. The benefit of (rebuildable) clearomizer tanks like the EVOD tanks in this kit, is that you can unscrew and discard the atomizer portion, whereas with cartomizer tanks you have to discard the whole thing. If you need more replacement heads in the future, they’re pretty cheap at around $0.50-$1.00 a piece, so you can be assured that you will not spend much money in the future with this starter kit.

Backup Vape Pen

This kit comes with two batteries and two tanks, so in essence it is two full vape pens. If you are trying to switch from analog cigarettes to vaping, you’re going to love the fact that you will have a backup battery / vape pen. This is very important, as you may not like or stick with vaping if you run out of power!

Don’t give the extra vape pen away! Keep it and use both, charging both interchangeably. The reason is, just in case a battery is dead or something happens, you can just grab the extra one and go. This is the recommended way to use this starter kit to allow yourself to get the most benefit ant to assure that you continue using the vape pen instead of giving in and buying a pack of regular cigarettes.

This is important for anybody, but is especially important for people that are trying to make a permanent switch from analog cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. If your battery goes dead or something happens to your main vape pen, it’s too easy to go buy a pack of cigarettes at the store because you need your nicotine fix! So just keep this in mind; always have a fully charged backup vape pen on hand.

How to Fill the Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit Tanks

Just like most vape pens and starter kits, you have the clearomizer tank, the atomizer head and the battery. With this kit, you also have a base that sits between the atomizer head and the clearomizer. Some vape starter kits may not have this extra base piece.

The atomizer head (heating element) screws into the base of the clearomizer tank and the clearomizer tank then screws into battery. The ejuice sits in the tank and the heating element (atomizer) within the tank heats up the ejuice to vaporize it after you press the button on the battery.

Steps to fill (refill) the tank:

  1. Unscrew the battery from the clearomizer tank
  2. Unscrew the atomizer Head and base from the clearomizer tank.
  3. Take your clearomizer tank and the ejuice bottle and tilt both of them so that you can pour the ejuice down the sidewall of the tank without getting it down the air hole.
  4. Film the ejuice up to the lip inside the tank
  5. Finally screw the base with the atomizer back into the clearomizer tank

How to Vape with the Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit

Like most other ego batteries this one has a safety function built in. The button can be quickly pressed five times to turn off the vape pen. This allows for prevention of accidental pocket vaping.

To turn the vape pen back on, quickly press the button again five times. You will see that your device is on or off by pressing the button once. If it lights up it is on and active, meaning you can press the button to activate the heating element. If you press the button and the button does not light up you know that it is either in the locked off state or the battery is completely dead.

Once you know that it is on, you can press the button and puff away! Be sure not to puff way too hard, as this can potentially suck ejuice through the air hole. You shouldn’t have to puff too hard as the vapor is produced without much effort.

How to Replace the Atomizer Heads

As time goes passes and you use your vape pen often enough, your atomizer heads gets worn out and need to be replaced. It may start to give a burnt taste and that is a sign that your atomizer head needs to be replaced.

Note that you may also get the burnt taste if you do not have enough ejuice in the tank, so just be conscious of that. Typically with vape pens, you want to make sure your tank is always full enough to where the wicks are submerged. Luckily with bottom feed tanks you are mostly always going to have submerged wicks, unless you are very low on ejuice. The burnt taste can be described as very unpleasant and as a burnt plastic taste. This is from the wick that is dry or worn out.

But even when your tank is always full, after a while your atomizer may give off a burnt taste when it needs to be replaced. When the atomizer head starts to go bad you’ll see a decline in taste (or a burnt taste) and you’ll know the time to replace the atomizer head.

Steps to replace the Atomizer Head

  1. Unscrew your battery from the clearomizer tank
  2. Unscrew the Atomizer Head and base from the clearomizer tank.
  3. Unscrew the old Atomizer Head from the base and discard
  4. Screw in a new Atomizer Head into the base
  5. Refill the tank if necessary
  6. Screw the Atomizer/Base into the Clearomizer tank
  7. Screw the Clearomizer tank back onto the battery

We offer the EVOD Style Starter kit in the following colors:

  • Black EVOD Starter Kit
Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
EVOD Starter Kit 900 Black
  • Blue EVOD Starter Kit
Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
EVOD Starter Kit 900 Blue
  • Red EVOD Starter Kit
Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
Red EVOD Starter Kit 900
  • Silver EVOD Starter Kit
Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit
EVOD Starter Kit 900 Silver

So there you have it, everything you need to know on how to use your Kanger Tech EVOD Starter Kit. It is also recommended to read the included user manual in full, so that you use the vape pen in the right way, suggested by the manufacturer.