K100 Vape Pen Mod vs Mechanical Mods

What are the differences between the K100 Mod and a Mechanical Mod?

K100 Vape Pen Mod vs Mechanical Mods
K100 Vape Mod or Mechanical Mod

When you switch from cigarettes to e Cigs or vape pens, your world changes kind of dramatically. All of a sudden you can enjoy puffing away on your nicotine delivery device without having the smell of smoke follow you around. You can take just one puff of e juice and then put your vape pen back  in your pocket. You would most definitely not want to do that with a cigarette. You can enjoy all sorts of different flavors instead of being stuck with various grades of tobacco. You save a lot of money… and the list of benefits goes on.

Similarly, when you switch from regular vape pens to vape pen mods or Mechanical Mods, your world changes again. All of a sudden, instead of having to put up with whatever voltage your vape pen happens to deliver, you can control it. Instead of just using the atomizer coil and wick that comes with your vape pen, you can build your own, make it as powerful as you want, and choose the material of your wick. Instead of throwing away battery, case, button and all when your Lithium Ion battery finally loses power and stops being able to recharge well, you can just replace the battery and keep all the other working parts. And again, the list of benefits goes on.

With the Mechanical Mod, you are able to build your own coils with Kanthal Wire and Silica Wick to create something unique and personal. The Combination of coil builds are virtually endless with Kanthal Wire, Silica Wick, Ekowool Wick and Cotton Wick. You can build vertical coils, dual coils, single coil builds, and combine those with your wick of choice. Making the switch from a eGo or EVOD is a great decision, now the nest decision is to choose a mechanical mod or a simple vape pen mod like the K100.

How is the K100 Vape Pen Mod different from a Mechanical Mod?

Mechanical Mods

K100 Vape Pen Mod vs Mechanical Mods
Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are different from regular vape pens in that they do not have electronics controlling the amount of power that goes to the atomizer coil. Whatever strength of battery you put in your mechanical mod, that is the amount of power that goes to your coil. Naturally, this puts the burden on you to make sure that you build your coil perfectly because an error could cause permanent damage to your entire setup. Lithium Ion batteries are powerful and hold a lot of charge in a small container, so they need to be handled with care. Mechanical mods give you a lot of freedom and customizability, but they are not for the careless or the faint of heart.

Mechanical Mods offer the most customizable vaping experience possible. With mechanical mods, you have the option to build different types of atomizer builds that create an entirely unique experience. Rebuilding coils will give you a sense of integrity and pride because it takes some skill and talent to learn. The first couple builds you create will probably be terrible but with time and practice, you can master the art of mechanical mods and eventually create builds you have only dreamed of.

K100 Vape Pen Mod

The K100 Vape Pen Mod, on the other hand, is a mechanical mod that does provide some level of protection and ease of use. While it is technically a mechanical mod, you can also get K100 Mods with a Kick Chip (SOLD SEPERATLY). This Kick Chip provides protection against overcurrent, which means if you have too much charge going through to your atomizer coil the chip will protect your coil and your entire mod. If you use two batteries when building your K100 Vape Pen Mod, you must use the kick chip; if you just use one battery then it is still a good idea to include the kick chip just for safety and peace of mind.

With the K100 Mod, you don’t have the flexibility and freedom of building your own coils, however, the K100 is a great place to start if you are looking to make the switch from an eGo, EVOD or Vision Spinner. The K100 Vape Pen Mod comes ready to use out of the box, which a typical mechanical mod does not. If you are looking to make the switch from a vape pen to a vape mod, the K100 might be for you!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can use or build your K100 Vape Pen Mod carelessly; it just gives you that bit of extra protection. If you are unsure of your ability to build electronic parts such as an atomizer coil, you are probably best off sticking with a K100 Mod.

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K100 Vape Pen Mod vs Mechanical Mods
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