Juul Party Mode

Let’s face it, Juul makes a pretty amazing product. There’s a reason why right now, at this very moment, you’ve got that slim and smooth piece of metal pressed between your lips while searching for the elusive Juul party mode. There’s a reason why I’m also ripping my Juul pen while writing this article. Juul has cracked the code, made the ultimate vape pen, and found its way into our pockets, our mouths, and ultimately our lungs.

Juul has quickly become the most popular vaporizer on the market. Some reports actually indicate that Juul now owns as much as 75% of the US vape market. Pretty insane for a product most people hadn’t even heard of three years. Oh yeah, and they also just got a 13 billion dollar (yes, billion) from one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world. Clearly, the public has taken an interest in this new phenomenon. While the secret about the Juul device is out, activating the party mode or rainbow mode on the device is still relatively unknown.

But seriously, enough about how much I love my Juul. We’ll save that for another article. It’s time to focus on a very specific trick that you may have heard about – activating the party mode on the Juul vape pen. Before you get too excited, we should probably clarify what the party mode is and is not. The party mode just makes the indicator light flash a rainbow of colors, making for some cool effects when you wave it side by side during the night or in the dark.

While many in the vape community know about the Juul party mode, not many people know that the Juul device actually contains two different party modes, each with their method of activation. The trick to activating the party mode is to have the white sensor light on before you try it. Simply take a drag on your Juul and make sure the white light is illuminated. Once the white light is glowing, simply wave the Juul device aggressively from left to right (this is not a prank or a joke). You should see the indicator light flashing a rainbow of colors. That’s it for method one!

The second method starts the same way as the first. Take a rip from Juul and get the white indicator light glowing. Once the light is white, remove the Juul from your mouth and tap it against the palm of your hand. Again, you should see the indicator light start flashing a rainbow of colors.

Now that you know the secret of the party mode or rainbow mode, I’ll share a couple more tips that will help with happy Juul’ing.

Bonus tip #1: The Toothbrush secret

Clean your Juul device regularly with a toothbrush. If you’ve ever had problems getting a proper rip out of your Juul or getting it to charge, you’re not alone. In fact, these tips are so common to the Juul device that the company itself recommends these two tips. The toothbrush is for cleaning the charging contacts on the bottom of the device so that the metal makes proper contact with the charger. You don’t need to use toothpaste or even water. Just a dry toothbrush will work fine.

Bonus Tip #2: The Cue Tip Track

No matter how clean you keep your device and your pockets. The inside of your Juul with inevitably attract gunk. This can either be in the form of particulate matter from your pockets or bag or in the form of fluid that leaks from the bottom of the pod. Simply take the pod out of the device and wipe the contacts inside the canal with a dry cue tip. If your cue tip turns brown or black, mission accomplished. If your device is extra dirty – you can also add a touch of rubbing alcohol to the end of the cue tip.

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