Ithaka Clone Review

Ithaka RBA Clone Review and Overview

The Ithaka RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer) Clone is great if you want a ton of control over the way your vape pen performs and the vapor it produces. As long as you know how to build a coil and put a wick in it, you can pretty much count on getting your ideal vape with the Ithaka RBA Clone.

Adjustable flow of e juice

With the Ithaka RBA Clone, you can adjust the e juice flow in two ways, giving you an absolutely massive amount of control over your vape! On the bottom of the tank, you can adjust the wick openings. This controls how much juice can hit the wick. And of course, the more juice is on the wick, the more vapor you get. You can also control the juice flow with a turn of the mouthpiece.

Adjustable flow of air

To give you even more control over your vaping experience, the Ithaka RBA Clone also features adjustable air holes to control how much air goes past the coils when you take a puff. The more air the more vapor, of course. You can also change how stiff or easy the draw is just by giving a turn to the bottom of the tank.

Customizable atty

The Ithaka RBA Clone is set up for single or double coils or wicks. While double wicks are a really popular build especially among cloud chasers who want the biggest clouds of vapor possible, many RBAs are only designed to take single coil builds. The Ithaka RBA Clone takes either single or double coil builds. This means that whether you want huge clouds or a simple building and vaping experience, the Ithaka RBA clone can give it to you!

The Ithaka RBA Clone also lets you choose what kind of wick you want. Whether you use cotton or silicone, and whether you prefer thick wicks or thin wicks, you can get exactly the wick you need for the vapor you want here at Slim Vape Pen, and you can put it on the Ithaka RBA Clone.

23 mm diameter

We found that the 23 mm diameter on the Ithaka RBA clone stood out from the mechanical mod we put it on. That wasn’t a problem for us, since it gives it an interesting shape and makes it easy to hold. Of course, though, the profile and look of your RBA depends a lot on your own personal preferences. Mechanical mods and RBAs are all about choosing the look, feel, and performance that best suits your preferences.

Gigantic tank

Ithaka RBA Clone Rebuildable Atomizer
Ithaka RBA Clone Rebuildable Atomizer

The Ithaka RBA Clone features a massive tank that holds 4 mL of e juice. If you’re thinking that’s a lot of e juice to vape all at one time, you’re right! The Ithaka RBA Clone can easily get you through several days or even a week of normal vaping, and over a day of vaping at least if you are a super heavy vape pen user. In fact, we found that it was helpful just to have a designated wick for each flavor, so that when we filled up the tank with a different flavor each time we would just swap out the wick for a fresh one.

The 4 mL tank is made of polycarbonate, to make it durable and safe. You don’t need to worry about the tank imparting a plastic taste to your e juice, and you definitely don’t have to worry about it breaking or shattering.

Fun to vape

It’s good to know the different specs of the vape clone you are thinking of buying, but most people really want to know if they are going to have fun and enjoy using any vape pen they are thinking of buying. We’re here to tell you, vaping with the Ithaka RBA Clone is FUN! It’s easy to build, totally versatile, easy to try out different builds, and it produces an absolutely massive amount of vapor. The pieces fit together perfectly and don’t leak, which also makes it a lot more fun to vape. Of course, with all RBAs, the performance depends on your ability to build a good coil. But what we discovered was that building an Ithaka RBA Clone just requires some basic knowledge of how to build one. If you can build a coil, you can make the Ithaka RBA Clone work perfectly for you!