Fuhattan Mod Review

Fuhattan Mod Vape Pen Mod Review

Fuhattan Mod Clone with Kayfun RBA

If you’re looking for a mod that will surpass all your expectations and give you an absolutely amazing vaping experience, the Fuhattan Mod is the one for you! Use it with your battery of choice, attach your rebuildable atomizer or rebuildable dripping atomizer, build up your coil the way you want, wick it, and you’ll be ready to see what all the fuss is about! Here is what you can look forward to with your Fuhattan Mod Vape Pen:

  • Copper tube with carbon fiber exterior
  • Copper contacts
  • Floating 510 center pin
  • Recessed 510 connection
  • Bottom magnetic firing button (no lock)
  • 18650 battery compatibility
  • Engraved “FU” logo
  • Copper tube with carbon fiber exterior

The Fuhattan mod has a copper tube for durability and for maximum energy conductivity between your battery and your atomizer. Copper is a metal with a great weight and a solid feeling to it, especially in a vape pen mod. The carbon fiber exterior gives you a comfortable grip to hold on to. It gives the mod a sleek, modern look. The engraving on the carbon fiber exterior lets the copper shine through, which makes the logo bright and noticeable.

Copper contacts

Fuhattan Mod Clone

Copper is one of the best metals for conducting electricity, which is why copper contacts are so great for vape pen mods. You can ensure that your battery gives you the amount of power you expect from it by making sure that your contacts are as efficient as possible. There’s a reason why we use copper wiring in everything!

Floating 510 center pin

The center pin is the bit that connects the battery with the atomizer. Different atomizers connect slightly differently, so you need to make sure that the center pin will connect to your atomizer and cause it to fire. The floating 510 center pin allows you to use your favorite atomizer without having to worry that it won’t fit. 510 threading is one of the most common and popular threading styles for vape pen mods, so you can be sure of being able to fit your favorite rebuildable atomizer, tank, or rebuildable dripping atomizer onto your Fuhattan mod clone.

Recessed 510 connection

With the recessed 510 connection, you can connect your favorite atomizer to your Fuhattan mod for hours of great vaping!

Bottom magnetic firing button

The bottom magnetic firing button is easy and convenient to press when you want to vape. The magnetism of the button means that you have to hold and press it deliberately. It is not easy for something else to make the button fire simply by bumping against it. That said, the Fuhattan button does not lock, so if you are going to carry it in a purse or bag of any sort you may want to put it in a case to prevent accidental firing.

18650 battery compatibility

The Fuhattan mod works with any 18650 battery, for great longevity and vaping life.

Engraved “FU” logo

Because what’s the point of vaping if you can’t have a little humor while you’re at it?