EVOD Vs. eGo-T Vs. eGo Twist

EVOD Vs. eGo-T Vs. eGo Twist

 All three Starter Kit Benefits and Features of each and we compare them

At Slim Vape Pen, we often have customers trying to choose between our three most popular vape pens and asking us for help deciding which is theĀ best vape starter kit. It can be tough to decide between theĀ EVOD Starter Kit, theĀ eGo-T Starter Kit, and theĀ eGo Twist Starter Kit. Each of these pens has its own unique benefits, and in the end the choice of which vape pen is right for you is highly personal. In this article we will outline some of the differences between these three great vape pens so you can decide for yourself which will be best for you.

EVOD Vs. eGo-T Vs. eGo Twist
eGo-T Starter KitĀ |Ā eGo Twist Starter KitĀ |Ā EVOD Starter Kit

EVOD Starter Kit

TheĀ EVOD Vape PenĀ is one of our best-selling vape pens, and one of the ones we reach for first when we want an easy, reliable vape. The EVOD battery is frankly one of the best batteries out there. It is long-lasting and sturdy, and will hold up to a very long time of vaping before it starts to lose charge. It has a steady voltage of 3.7v, which is enough power to give some very satisfying vapor and not so much power that your e juice will start tasting burnt. The button located on the battery is flush with the battery, which makes for a very comfortable experience vaping.Ā The LED light ring around the battery is easy to feel under your thumb or finger, so there is no need to look at your pen and hunt for the button to be able to use it.

BCC Clearomizer on the EVOD Starter Kit

TheĀ clearomizer tank is amazing on many levels. With an easy draw and great vapor production combined with durability and dependability, the EVOD BCC Tank will last you a long time. The EVOD BCC has a consistent vape taste and will produce a very steady cloud of vapor.If you want a stiffer draw or hit from your EVOD BCC Tank, just cover one or two of the vent holes on the middle portion of the vape pen to limit the air intake. The mouthpiece of the EVOD is slightly wider than on either of the eGo vape pens, and the overall build is more compact. The atomizer tank holds significantly less e juice than on either of the eGo pens, which makes for a smaller vape pen and is good for users who like to switch flavors frequently. If you want to be able to go for several days without refilling and donā€™t mind using the same flavor for a long time, you may prefer the eGo. Check out theĀ EVOD Starter Kit ReviewĀ to see if this is the right Starter Kit for you.

eGo-T Ecig Starter Kit

The eGo-T is the basicĀ eGo EcigĀ version of allĀ eGo Starter KitĀ options. It has one voltage level and produces a nice consistent vape. Just like the EVOD, theĀ eGo-Tuses a bottom coil clearomizer for superb vapor production. The eGo-T comes with a large clearomizer tank that holds 2.6 mL of e juice, which is perfect for heavy vapers and people who donā€™t want to have to refill very often. If you like to switch flavors frequently, you may prefer the smaller e juice tank of the EVOD, because you will use up the e juice in your tank faster and therefore not have to dump out unused e juice in order to switch flavors. The eGo-T has a raised button which is easy to feel and convenient to use, but is slightly easier to accidentally bump in your purse or pocket than the button on the EVOD. Generally, the eGo-T and the EVOD are similar in performance, and our customers tend to be quite satisfied with both of them. For more information, our eGo-T reviews can give you an idea about what other customers think about this great vape pen!

EVOD Vs. eGo-T Vs. eGo Twist
eGo T Starter Kit

EGO Twist Ecig Starter Kit

theĀ eGo Twist Vape Starter KitĀ has the regular features of the eGo-T with the added bonus ofĀ variable voltage. Variable voltage is one of our absolute favorite features at Slim Vape Pen. With a twist of the bottom ring of the eGo Twist you can choose whether you want 3.2v per puff, 4.8 volts per puff, or anywhere in between. This means you can control your battery life, your vapor production, and the heat at which your e juice is vaporized. Every flavor of e juice has its own sweet spot in terms of voltage, so the eGo Twist lets you select exactly what level to use where it will be best for the e juice flavor you currently have in your vape pen. The EGO Twist comes with the same 2.6mL atomizer tank that the regular eGO-T has, so you can go for a very long time before you have to fill up your vape pen. You can see real customer reactions by checking out our eGo Twist customer reviews!

eGo Twist Starter Kit 2
eGo Twist Starter Kit

Conclusion of all three Electronic Cigarette Vape Pens

The EVOD vape pen, eGo-T, and eGo Twist all have 510 threading, which means you can mix and match parts to create your own perfect vaping apparatus. Want variable voltage and a small atomizer tank? Combine the eGo Twist battery with the EVOD clearomizer! The same charger works on all of them too, which makes it convenient and easy to build your vape pen collection. The EVOD, eGo-T, and eGo Twist all use a bottom coil clearomizer, and the atomizer coils are fully interchangeable so you can buy a whole pack of replacement atomizer coils and use the same kind of coil on all of these vape pens. These three vape pens are really our powerhouse of vapor. The EVOD and eGo-T are reliable and easy to use, the eGo Twist is super customizable for any situation, and all of them provide great, consistent vapor production that will have you coming back for more! If you need more advice about which of these vape pens is right for you, feel free to contact us. At Slim Vape Pen, our goal is for you to have a great experience vaping. Weā€™ll even throw in a FREE bottle of e juice with the EVOD starter kit, eGo-T starter kit, and eGo Twist starter kit so you can get started vaping right away!