EVOD Starter Kit Review

EVOD Starter Kit Review of Price, Design, Packaging, Working Parts, Durability, Charging and Using

Here we review every aspect of the EVOD Starter Kit its self, from opening the box to using as well as cleaning and maintenance. Let us help you decide if the EVOD Starter Kit is right for you by breaking down each aspect of the starter kit. We will review the starter kit price, starter kit design, starter kit packaging, durability, charging, cleaning and much more. Since many people like to know what they are going to experience before they commit to buying, we’re giving you a step-by-step EVOD starter kit review so you know exactly what you are going to get and what it is going to be like.

EVOD Starter Kit Review
EVOD Starter Kit

EVOD Starter Kit Review Topics

  • Price
  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Working Parts
  • Charging
  • Filling MT3 Clearomizer Tanks
  • Using your EVOD Vape Pen

EVOD Starter Kit Review of the Price: $34.99

The EVOD is really one of our favorite vape pens at Slim Vape Pen, and we strive to price this fantastic starter kit so that it is affordable enough to give it a try. Here at Slim Vape Pen we carry the EVOD Starter Kit at only $34.99 which is far less than most of the other companies that offer the same exact kit. For only $34.99, the EVOD starter kit is one of the best working vape pens on the market. Other vape pens such as the eGo-T Starter Kit for $34.99 only comes with one pen, however comes with a case. Deciding between vape pens based on the price is completely natural and with the design and overall details on the EVOD Starter kit for only $34.99 with two vape pens compared to the eGo-T Starter Kit with only one vape pen, I would choose the the EVOD. The price of the EVOD Starter Kit does not include variable voltage which is a very popular feature on many EVOD and eGo vape pens because you can control the amount of vapor product, however, those vape starter kitpackages can run anywhere from $39.99-$49.99. The overall Price review of the EVOD starter kit compered to the other pens is rated very high. If you are looking for a great vape starter kit with two pens, the EVOD Starter Kit is the way to go!

EVOD Starter Kit Review of the Design

The clean lines and unique style of the EVOD is what makes it so special. From the ceramic mouthpiece tip on the MT3 Clearomizer tank to the soft overall feel, the EVOD starter kit design is amazing! The EVOD is one of the best designed vape pens on the market and is a perfect beginner vape pen. The design of the button on the EVOD starter kit is in a reassessed position which limits the amount of times you “Accidently” press the button down, whether it be in your purse or pocket. The design of the EVOD Starter Kit was very thoughtful from start to finish and is extremely appealing to the eye. The EVOD Starter Kit reminds us of a “Apple” sort of design with its overall beauty and aesthetically pleasing nature. From the EVOD Battery to the MT3 Clearomizer Tank, this starter kit is a must have and a 5 star winner in the design category. For an overall design review of the EVOD vape pen, we give it a 10 out of 10!

EVOD Starter Kit Review of the Packaging

Your EVOD arrives in the mail. In the kit, you will find a box with the 2 EVOD vape pens inside it, along with instructions for use. in the EVOD Starter Kit, also included is a USB charger and wall adapter inside it. The packaging of the EVOD Starter Kit is extremely clean and professional, from the packing of the actual pens to packing all the goodies inside. The entire box of the EVOD starter kit will give you a sense of excitement knowing that you are about to indulge into something amazing. The actual Vape Pens are in a safe foam type material that keeps your batteries and tanks safe while in travel mode (AKA Shipping).EXCULSIVLY AT SLIM VAPE PEN: At the bottom of the package you will find a bottle of delicious Nicoclean e juice in one of our favorite flavors. Typically all of our e juice flavors that come with the EVOD Starter Kit packaging for free are fruity and flavorful, such as Cotton Candy or Strawberry Banana.

EVOD Starter Kit Review of all Working Parts

  • (2) EVOD Vape Pens: The EVOD Batteries are strong, durable and dependable.
  • (2) MT3 BCC Tanks: The BCC Tanks and coils are extremely durable, lasting you many full tanks of E Juice.
  • (1) USB Charger: The charger for EVOD is quick and to the point, with only a 3-4 hour charge, you will be good to go in no time.
  • (1) AC Wall Adapter: Fits perfectly into any space you want it to!
  • (1) Gift Box: The Gift box contains everything you need to get started. Beautiful and Professional.
  • (1) Instruction Manual: Exact and to the point, the instruction manual will guide you through the steps!
  • (1) Premium E Juice: 15mL bottle of 12mg medium strength Nicotine = Pure Heaven!

EVOD Starter Kit Review of the Charging

EVOD Starter Kit Review
EVOD Starter Kit Review Charging

You charge up your EVOD. The EVOD does not arrive fully charged. You are going to have to plug it in and charge it up before you can use it. You charge your EVOD battery at the top of the battery, on the same side where you screw in your clearomizer tank. Since the EVOD comes fully assembled, you will have to unscrew it and disassemble it in order to charge it. On the USB charger, one side will be obviously meant to plug into your computer and the other side will be round with threading. Screw the charger onto the battery and either plug it into a USB outlet or plug it into the wall adaptor and plug the wall adaptor into the wall outlet. No matter where you plug in your EVOD battery to charge, the button on the battery will flash to indicate that it is charging and the light on the charger will light up red. The charger may flash between red and green intermittently while charging. When it changes to solid green, this means that your EVOD battery is now fully charged.

EVOD Starter Kit Review of filling your the MT3 Tanks

You fill up your EVOD. After your battery is charged, it is time to put e juice in your atomizer. When you disassembled your EVOD, you may have noticed that there are three parts you can unscrew: you can unscrew the battery from the atomizer coil, and you can unscrew the atomizer coil from the clearomizer tank. The Atomizer Coils on the EVOD Starter Kit will last you a good month so you wont need replacement atomizer coils for at least 3-4 weeks.

  • Take the atomizer coil by itself and screw it onto the battery. You will have the clearomizer left by itself, open on the bottom.
  • Turn the clearomizer upside down, get a bulb syringe dropper full of e juice from your bottle of Nicoclean e juice, and fill up the tank on the sides.
  • Do not get e juice in the middle hollow section of the vape pen, as this is where the vapor goes when you puff on it.
  • As you fill your vape pen, you will be able to see the e juice level rise on the outside of the pen as well through the clear slits in the opaque tank.
  • Fill it as full as you can but do not let it overflow into the hollow middle section.
  • Then turn the battery and atomizer coil upside down and screw it on.
  • Be careful not to spill any e juice, as it is never any fun to get drops of e juice in your mouth when you go to take a puff on your vape pen!

EVOD Starter Kit Review of using the actual EVOD Vape Pen

You turn on your EVOD. The EVOD comes turned off and even after you charge it you will not be able to vape with it until you turn it on. Simply push the button five times in a row to switch it to the on position. You will see the button flash by itself to indicate that it is now on. You can now take big, satisfying puffs of vapor to your heart’s content.

  • Enjoy! The EVOD is really a supurb work of design and craftsmanship. It is the perfect size and weight in the hand to be able to carry around and vape comfortably. The soft texture on the battery and atomizer tank makes it comfortable to hold, and the battery is easy to push with your thumb, hard to push accidentally in your pocket or purse. The EVOD BCC (bottom coil clearomizer) is by far our favorite clearomizer design at Slim Vape Pen, with its great functionality and fantastic vapor quality. The bottom coil design is the best because the wick remains saturated constantly. With a top coil atomizer, the wick can dry out, resulting in dry hits which cause your atomizer coil to burn out. You may be familiar with the burnt taste that heralds a burnt-out atomizer coil. With a bottom coil clearomizer, your atomizer coil will not get that burnt taste until it is actually worn out, because you will never be in danger of accidentally vaping dry. The vapor production is impressively consistent with the BCC, and the taste is unparalleled.

Give the EVOD Starter Kit a try and you will see why it is our favorite! We hope you enjoyed our EVOD Starter Kit Review, let us know if you have any questions.