EVOD or eGo-T

EVOD or eGo-T Starter Kit?

Many new vapers are often times overwhelmed when first venturing into the vaping world. This is hardly surprising, what should you buy? An EVOD or eGo-T Starter Kit?

To add to this, the vape industry is constantly changing. With advances in vaping technologies, new and better methods in coil building, and new and innovative techniques on rebuilding atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers, the vape industry is hard to keep current with.

That’s why we at Slim Vape Pen recommend that all our new vapers start their foray into the vaping world with a starter kit. With a Vape Starter Kit, there is no guess work. Any and everything you need is right there included for you.

There are two starter kits which Slim Vape Pen offers that we believe offers the first-time vaper the most hassle-free, enjoyable, and affordable first time vape pen mod experience. These are the EVOD or eG0-T Starter Kit.

The EVOD Starter Kit

We’ll start with the EVOD Starter Kit. The EVOD brand name in the vaping industry is much like the Ford brand name in the auto industry. Think reliability, affordability, and durability.

We have the EVOD Starter Kit in multiple colors with a plethora of options. Our EVOD Starter Kit, you have the ability to combine a wide variety of different tanks.

With your EVOD Starter Kit, we include the EVOD 900mAh battery. As it is right in the middle of the spectrum of batteries, the EVOD 900mAH is an excellent choice for both “vapoholics” or those vapers who only wish to vape occasionally. EVOD Vape Pen can accommodate batteries from 650mAH to 1300mAH.

While the EVOD Starter Kit is certainly a popular choice for our customers, it is also a prevalent pick of new vapers worldwide. This is in large part due to its reputation for reliability, but also because of the stylish, sleek design of the EVOD Vape Pen. The classy MT3 Atomizer Tank included with the EVOD certainly helps as well.

The typical EVOD Vape Pen Starter Kit includes two EVOD batteries, two MT3 Atomizer Tanks, a USB charger, a wall charger, an eJuice holder or dropper, and an EVOD Vape Pen instruction manual.

The eGo T Starter Kit

eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage Starter Kit 2
eGo-T Starter Kit

The eGo T Vape Starter Kit is the base starter kit for Slim Vape Pens. Other than the affordability of the eGO T, the reasons we chose it as our base starter kit includes it customization, and its ease of use.

The eGo T Vape Pen is one of the most customizable “starter” vape pens on the market. All eGo parts are fully interchangeable with other eG0 models, 510 threads, and eG0 threads.

The eG0 T is extremely simple to use and just as simple to understand. One need not be a “rocket surgeon” or “brain scientist” to learn how to use the eGo T or even take care of it. The clearomizer shows exactly how much eJuice is left in the eGo T Vape Pen so you need not worry about messing it up by it becoming dry on you. If you get a “burnt hit,” you know that it’s time to clean or replace your atomizer.

Selecting the battery size you wish to use with the eGo T is a bit more complicated. Choose your battery size in accordance with how much vaping you envision doing. If you plan on vaping like a chimney, the eG0 C Twist is probably your best option at 1300mAH, which can last up to ten hours (depending on how much to vape). Occasional vapers might want to opt for the eGo 650 mAH which can last for up to four hours (depending on how much you vape). If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us here at Slim Vape Pen, and we’ll be happy to help you decide which is best for you.

The manual included in most starter kits help guide you through common processes that you will need to master as a new vaper. These include everything from adding eJuice to changing the battery. Many manuals also include troubleshooting section in the event you encounter difficulties with your new vape mod. This ease of use

Which is Better? EVOD Starter Kit or eG0 T Starter Kit

Both the EVOD and eG0 T Starter Kits are excellent options for the first time vaper. However, a slight edge has to go to the EVOD Starter Kit due to the sleek power button on the vape pen. This button allows the EVOD to be turned on and off by pressing it five times. The button is flush with the EVOD battery. This is in case you forget to turn the battery off and put the EVOD in your pocket and makes is much harder to accidentlyt activate when not in use.

Do Not Buy eGo Starter kit with a CE4 or CE5 Clearomizer Tank

While many starter kits on the market include the CE4 or CE5 tank, we highly recommend against buying one of these. In fact, we discourage our customers from buting any tanks with clearomizers which use long wicks. The reasoning behind this is simple really. Long wick clearomizes soak eJuice from the bottom up. However due to the design of the CE4 and CE5 tanks, the lower you get on eJuice, the harder it is for the long wick contained in these tanks to soak up the eJuice. This results in having to refill and clean your tank more often.

We highly recommend a short wick tank such as the T3, T3s, or MT3 clearomizers. With these, you only have to refill your tank when the eJuice is completely depleted and are easily made aware of this from a “burnt hit.”

Making A Decision on the EVOD or eGo-T

We fully understand, appreciate, and admire those who choose to go about their new vaping hobby in a “Do It Yourself” manner. It is indeed admirable to go into such a challenging endeavor with “eyes wide open.” Our commitment to these brave pioneers should they have newbie questions is 100 percent. We are more than willing to assist all of our customers via our website, email address, or via phone with any and all your vaping questions.

However, for those who want to go a more the more traditional route by starting with one of the vape mod starter kits outlined in the article, we understand and appreciate your decision as well, and are just as committed to ensuring that your vaping experience and both a pleasurable as it is affordable.

As always, happy vaping.