What’s so great about the EVOD BCC Starter Kit?

What’s so great about the EVOD BCC Starter Kit?

The Evod BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomizer) Starter Kit is one of the best beginner starter kits

The EVOD Starter Kit combines convenience, durability, easy use and intuitive design of an all-in-one model. What are some of the features of the Evod atomizer tank starter kit that we think our customers will love? Well for starters, the design and overall build of this vape pen is beyond most other designs due to its sleek nature and true performance. The EVOD has everything a beginner or veteran needs in a vape pen!

What’s so great about the EVOD BCC Starter Kit?
EVOD Starter Kit

So what are the main benefits of the EVOD BCC Starter Kit

First, the mouthpiece is attached to the EVOD BCC Starter Kit, so you do not ever need to worry about e juice leaking onto the mouthpiece and getting that spicy, gross taste in your mouth. The Evod tank is a bottom feeding atomizer tank model, and you do have to be careful not to get e juice into the center hollow part of the atomizer tank when filling it or you will experience gurgling in your atomizer coil and drops of e juice in your mouth when you vape with it, which as everyone knows is not delicious at all.

When you have been careful about filling your EVOD BCC Starter Kit properly, the vape is delicious, and its atomizer coil produces large clouds of cool, sweet vapor. Being a bottom feeding atomizer, the EVOD BCC Starter Kit has one of the most affordable replacement atomizer coils around, which is good because atomizer coils do not last forever no matter what model you get.

  • Cleaning the EVOD BCC Starter Kit: The atomizer coil on the Evod atomizer tank starter kit is also extremely easy to clean – you can wipe it off when you open up the atomizer tank to refill it, of course you can soak in vodka or hot water and leave it to dry, and if you experience any flooding or gurgling you can simply unscrew the battery portion, place your mouth on the mouthpiece, and blow in order to get rid of any excess e juice that is stuck in the atomizer coil.
  • eGo and 510 Thread on the battery: The EVOD BCC Starter Kit is fully interchangeable with the eGo battery system, so you can get different sizes of batteries with different amounts of charge. At 2 mL capacity, the EVOD BCC Starter Kit is petite, meaning that with a small battery this becomes a vape pen that you can easily slip into a pocket, and with a larger battery this is a vape pen that can give you hours upon hours of pleasurable vaping.
  • Easy to use: For ease of use and great results, the Evod atomizer tank is one of our absolute favorites. It is easy to clean, easy to fill, and relatively difficult to break. The interchangeable parts mean that you will be able to fix anything that goes wrong on your Evod without having to buy a whole new vape pen.

As with all our vape pen starter kits at Slim Vape Pen, you will get everything you need to start vaping immediately with the EVOD BCC Starter Kit: the BCC (Bottom Coil Clearomizer) atomizer coil, atomizer head, a battery, a charger, and a bottle of our favorite e juice blend for your vaping pleasure. Just charge it up, fill it up, press the button five times, and you will be ready to enjoy clouds of delicious vapor!