eGo Vape Pen Accessories

From eGo Batteries to eGo Atomizer Tanks Slim Vape Pen has it all!

When you start with a vape pen starter kit, we send you everything you need to be able to enjoy vaping immediately. There is still a whole world of vaping outside the starter kit, though, with many ego vape pen accessories available for you to be able to choose from to customize your experience.

eGo Vape Pen Accessories
eGo Vape Pen Accessories

With the eGo vape pen sets, there are several things you can customize on your vape pen.

You can choose different sizes of battery, which hold different amounts of charge. Larger batteries last longer, and smaller batteries need to be recharged sooner. Your personal balance of size versus charge depends on how portable you want your vape pen to be and how long you want it to last – some customers love the look of a very small charger and do not mind recharging it more often, especially since the eGo batteries charge pretty quickly with a USB charging port on the bottom of the battery.

Some of the eGo Vape Pen Starter Kit Accessories may include:

  •  eGo Vape Pen Batteries
  • 510 Clearomizer/Atomizer tanks
  • 510 Cartomizers
  • Lanyards
  •  eGo carry case
  • T3 Atomizer Tank
  • Ce4 and Ce5 Atomizer Tanks

You can also customize your clearomizer or atomizer, for different looks and functionality

The standard eGo uses e-juice, of course, and this is the most popular way to use a vaporizer. E-juice gives the nicotine boost that many former smokers crave, and comes in an enormous variety of flavors to match your own preference. You can also choose to vape dry herbs, and this will give a different taste and sensory experience.

With our eGo vape pen mods, you can get a larger, more durable vape pen, which is perfect for people who are afraid that their pen will get broken.

You can also customize the wattage used in the atomizer, giving yourself the same size puff every time and controlling how much nicotine you are using. You can even customize the display screen, which tells you how many puffs you have taken and important information such as battery life.