EGo V Starter Kit

EGO V Vape Pen Starter Kits are a must have for the experienced Vaporizer user

The eGo V starter kit comes with the standard battery of all the eGo vape pens. This battery comes in a variety of sizes, the smallest one of which holds the least charge (about 6 hours), of course, and the largest one of which holds the most charge (about 30 hours). The eGo V starter kit also comes with the standard atomizer tank and cartridge of the other eGo vaporizers.

The EGO V Vape Pen Features an LCD Screen with adjustable controls

The difference with the eGo V is that it has an LCD display which shows you how much you are inhaling with each puff. You can even set it to release a certain amount with each puff. For all of the other eGo vape pens, the only way to control how much nicotine or vapor you get per puff is to push the button for a longer or shorter period of time. Of course, this lets you control how much vapor you taste based on how it feels, and many people enjoy using the eGo vape pens this way. However, if you want to control how much vapor or nicotine you get by the numbers rather than by how it feels, you will probably want to go with the eGo V starter kit.

Customize your vaping with the EGO V Starter Kit

The eGo V uses variable voltage to customize your vaping, so if you like a long but cool draw you can set it to a low voltage, and if you like a quick and hot draw you can set it to a higher voltage. Of course, with vaping, you are not ever going to have anything as hot as you would with old-fashioned smoke, and the comfortable coolness of the vapor is one of the aspects that attracts many people to vaping; nevertheless, with the eGo V vape pen starter kit, you will get much more customization than you could with anything else in the eGo series.