eGo Twist Variable Voltage

How does the variable voltage work on the eGo Twist?

eGo Twist Variable Voltage
eGo Twist Variable Voltage

When you try out the eGo Twist Starter Kit, one of the most fun and satisfying things to do is to twist the ring on the bottom and see how the variable voltage works. Set it at 3.2 volts and you will get a small, relatively thin vape that will make your battery last a very long time. Set it at 4.8 volts and you will get huge clouds of vapor.

Here are some of the things we have found at Slim Vape Pen about the variable voltage on the eGo Twist:

Vapor production changes

At 3.2 volts, you are going to get a lot less vapor than at 4.8 volts. The voltage you choose may change throughout the day or depending on what situation you are in. It will also change depending on your personal preferences. You get more nicotine with each puff at higher voltages than at lower voltages, so you may find that you get a burning feeling in your throat or lungs at higher voltages. This is normal, and the beauty of the eGo Twist is that you can change the voltage to suit your own personal preferences.

Taste changes

The flavor of your e juice will affect the way each puff tastes at different voltages. Dark-colored e juice is slightly more likely to get a burned taste at very high voltages. This is not a flaw in either the e juice or in the vape pen; it just means that there are more particulates in the e juice which interact with the atomizer coil. It works on the same principle as the universal law that dark-colored e juice also requires you to clean out your atomizer coil more often. There is a “sweet spot” for different e juice flavors, and you will discover this as you experiment with your eGo Twist variable voltage battery and try different flavors of e juice.

Voltage increments

The eGo Twist has numbers marking the max and minimum voltages of 4.8 and 3.2, as well as 4.0 which is in the middle. Additionally, lines mark the intermediary voltages in increments of 0.2. The eGo Twist lets you select any increment, even at levels that fall between the marked voltages, but these markings let you know how much power you have selected to go through the atomizer coil each time you push the button.

Price point

There are other variable voltage batteries and vape pens on the market. The eGo Twist stands out because of its incredibly low price point, which makes this great vaping option affordable to anyone without compromising quality or performance. With other variable voltage vape pens, you are usually going to spend a lot more for a setup that has a lot of buttons that can be confusing and which also can accidentally be pushed in a pocket or in a purse. The low price of the eGo Twist brings variable voltage technology to the level where the average vape pen user can afford to try it out.