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Experience the amazing flavor of Hookah from an eGo Pen

If you enjoy smoking a hookah but are looking for something a little bit more portable and convenient, the eGo-T Hookah Pen is just the thing for you! It gives you all the enjoyment and great flavor of a hookah, but in a small, electronic device that can fit easily into your purse or pocket. No worrying about loading it with shisha, no lighting coals, no filling with water; just push a button and puff away! With the eGo-T Hookah Pen or the eGo Twist Hookah Pen, you can now experience everything you love about hookah, only with an easy to use, pocket size vape pen.

How does a regular hookah work?

A regular hookah is a water pipe that you smoke shisha, or tobacco sweetened with molasses, in. There is a bowl at the top that you put the sweet, sticky tobacco in and cover it with a grate or guard. Then you put a lit coal on top of the tobacco so that it will burn. The smoke goes down through the central part of the hookah and bubbles through a bowl of water. There are one or more hoses with mouthpieces coming out of the top of the central bowl, and you inhale the smoke through these mouthpieces.

Why hookah?

Hookahs give you really smooth, cool smoke. When the smoke bubbles through the water a lot of the rough texture and the heat is taken out so all you are left with is delicious, pure, sweet smoke. You don’t get much throat hit from hookah smoke, and a lot of times you might feel like you have hardly been smoking at all except that you feel the effects of the nicotine. The sweetened tobacco and the flavors of the tobacco also give incredibly delicious smoke, especially when compared with the taste of regular cigarette smoke.

So why e hookahs?

If you have an evening to spend setting up a hookah and going through the ritual of filling it, lighting the coil, and passing around the snakelike mouthpieces between good friends, there’s nothing to beat a regular hookah! This is an ancient tradition that has made its way to the Western world from the Middle East and has gained enormous popularity because of how incredibly enjoyable it is.

But if you are a hookah smoker and you spend any time at all on the go, you know that regular hookahs are not very convenient for smoking when you are out and about, or when you do not have several hours to devote to the ritual of hookah smoking. Even conventional cigarettes are more convenient when you are out of the house and need your nicotine fix.

Vision Spinner Hookah Pen

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Vision Spinner Hookah Pen

What are eGo Hookah Pens?

eGo Hookah Pens are known by many names. They are also called e cigarettes, vape pens, and personal vaporizers. No matter what you choose to call them, they all do the same thing: vaporize flavored, concentrated liquid nicotine juice, known as e juice, into delicious clouds of water vapor for you to puff on.