Ego Ecigs – The World’s Most Popular E-Cigarette

The whole culture of vaping and electronic cigarettes and vape starter kits has really taken off and has been growing at a rapid pace for the past couple years. It seems that of late, there is an explosive growth in vaping, and one of the most popular e-cigs that people are choosing is the ego vape pen. The ego ecig, also known as an ego vape pen, is an e-cigarette that uses a special nicotine solution. The ego e-cigs are much better than traditional ecigs. The ego vape pens are getting more popular by the minute because the benefits they offer.

Ego Ecigs – The World’s Most Popular E-Cigarette

What separates the ego variety of ecigs from other “ecigs” on the market is that it has great battery life and amazing vapor output, when paired with a high quality clearomizer tank. These two qualities, along with its portability, are what make the ego battery performance so amazing!

eGo E-Cigs VS Regular E-cigs

Ego Ecigs – The World’s Most Popular E-Cigarette
Ego Ecig Vs. Cigalike Ecig

Since most people use different vaping terminology in the vaping world, it’s worth noting that to some vapers, when you just say the term “e-cig,” it may conjure up the image of those little Cigalike e-cig starter kits that you see in convenience stores and gas stations, which is completely different than an ego ecig starter kit. The smaller e-cigs a typically a very skinny E cigarettes that look like a traditional tobacco cigarette. They don’t perform very well at all though and thats why they are declining in popularity.

Many people who stop smoking and start vaping start on the Cigalike journey because of the wide availability. They usually buy one on a whim at their local gas station. These same people may not have heard about the existence of the ego e-cigarettes, so they buy the cigalike because they didn’t know any better. The cigalikes are being pushed by big tobacco (in terms of marketing, distribution channels and FDA influence), because there is more money to be made by those big companies to push the little Cigalike devices. These items have higeher margins because they are disposable and the cartridges are usually not refillable. What this means, is the consumer ends up paying more for a cigalike in the long run, compared to a refillable vape pen.

The thing is though, most of these cigalike devices just don’t perform well and the demand naturally shifts towards vape pens. The market forces are pushing the cigalikes out. The reasons why people don’t like Cigalike e-cigs is because they don’t produce much vapor and the battery life is horrible. This is due to their overall design and small battery.

Moving on to something much better, many people come across the ego vape pens after giving the cigalikes a whirl. The ego vape pen offers some pronounced benefits over the Cigalikes: the battery life, variable voltage and the vapor output is amazing. Those reasons, along with cost saving of the refillable tanks, are why many people end up choosing the ego ecigs rather than cigalike ecigs.

Cigalike Pros

  • Small and portable: The cigalike ecigs are very portable and are about the size of a traditional tobacco cigarette. They also often resemble a traditional tobacco cigarette. This is beneficial to some people as they like the feeling of the traditional cigarette, so this fills these people’s needs.
  • Low vapor output: Although some cigalikes are getting better, usually the vapor output is very low compared to that of an ego e cigs. This is a big problem for most people because they feel like they’re not getting the same amount of nicotine or vapor to make them feel like they’re satisfied
  • Bad battery life: This is another huge problem that people face when they get the cigalikes – the fact that the battery will die after very short period time. Most people that get a Cigalike will realize of the need several backup batteries just to last the day, which ends up costing a lot more money.
  • Costs more money: In the long run disposable cartridges end up costing more money compared to refillable tanks.

eGo Pros

  • Portable: Even though the ego battery is not as portable as a Cigalike, it is still very portable and can be taking anywhere. It’s about the size of a thick fountain pen, so often people will place in their pocket or purse just as they would their phone. (Note that you want to click the button five times in a row to turn it off in the lock position so it doesn’t vape in your pocket)
  • Great vapor output: If you get a quality clearomizer with your ego e cigarette, you will see that the vapor production is fantastic. There is plenty of vapor to satisfy your needs.
  • Great battery life: This is another big benefit of the ego – the battery life is absolutely amazing. You should be able to vape on your ego e-cig all day long with a 900 mAh or 1100 mAh battery.
  • Saves money: Because the clearomizer tank is refillable, this allows you to purchase your own e juice and refill your tank. This is more cost effective then buying e juice cartridges, because you adopt some of the manufacturing costs for the cartridges and you oftentimes end up throwing away perfectly good ejuice when the cartridge gets too low.

Who is the ego vape pen for?

Since egos offer such great vapor output and amazing battery life, the ego pens are great for anyone. They are also very easy to refill which makes the ego appealing to anyone, especially beginner vapers.

The beginner is going to love the ego ecig because it’s super easy to fill and clean. It’s also ready to vape, without needing to figure out anything about ohm and wattage. On the same token, and advanced vaper is going to love the convenience of the ego e cig, because it doesn’t require much hassle to start vaping with it right away. All you really need to do is fill up the clearomizer tank and you are good to go with an all-day vape.

What are the different components that make up an ego e-cigarette?

There are three main components to an ego e cigarette – a battery, a clearomizer tank, and an atomizer.

  • Battery: The battery is probably the most obvious part. It supplies the power needed to heat up the coil that converts the liquid nicotine into vapor. There are different types of ego batteries, each offering different benefits.
  • Clearomizer tank: The clearomizer is the combo tank/ heating coil system that screws on top of the ego (called the ego thread). This is what makes in an “ego e cigarette” otherwise, you would just have an ego battery. The clearomizer is what holds the special nicotine solution, often referred to as e juice or e liquid. Usually the clearomizer tank is clear or opaque so you can see how much e juice you have left in the tank, and it is often made of plastic or (preferably) glass. They are also refillable so you can save money on buying e juice yourself instead of purchasing cartridges.
  • Atomizer: the atomizer is the heating coil that screws into the clearomizer tank, and it is the mechanism which turns the e juice into vapor. It does this by making contact with the battery, and the battery takes the electricity to heat up the coil, which turns the e juice into vapor. The atomizer also usually has some type of wicking system to draw in the e juice to the actual coil. So when you buy a clearomizer tank, it’s an all-in-one solution that comes with the atomizer head, a base, and the tank. So the atomizer is technically just part of the clearomizer tank, yet you can purchase replacement “atomizer heads” when it gets old (after a 2-4weeks or longer if cleaned regularly). Luckily the atomizer heads are cheap, at around a couple dollars apiece.

There are a variety of models and wicking systems of clearomizers for the egos, some are much better than others.

Ego ecig starter kits

If you are brand-new to vaping and don’t know where start, an ego starter kit is probably the best route to go, as it’s an all-in-one solution for you to start vaping right away. It’s basically a discounted way to get all your accessories and e juice in one convenient kit. Instead of purchasing your battery and your clearomizer tank, the charger, the e juice, and all other accessories separately, you can get everything in one kit which saves you time figuring out what to get and saves you money because you’re buying all the ego ecig components in a kit.

Ego-T Starter Kits

If you are brand new to vaping and don’t know where to start, the eGo-T is a perfect choice. The ego t has really grown in popularity because of its lower price point, yet at the same time, its superior functionality. It gives you the perfect combination of vapor output, battery life, and cost savings. This is a great starter kit to see what vaping is all about.

Ego Ecigs – The World’s Most Popular E-Cigarette
Ego Starter Kits

Ego Twist Starter Kits

The ego twist starter kits are a great option if you want something extra out of you ecig. If you want to be able to control the temperature and taste of the vapor output, this is a great option. With the ego twist, you can turn the voltage up or down as you please, which gives you a much more customized vaping experience. The ego ecig twist has really made a name for itself as a game changer.

Ego Ecigs – The World’s Most Popular E-Cigarette

An Ego For the Ladies

If you want to make a fashion statement, the diamond egos are a great way to do that. There are also pink swirl ego vape starter kits, along with some pink T3S clearomizer tanks if you prefer.