Ego Ce5 Starter Kit

Ego Ce5 Starter Kit tutorial

EGO Ce5 Starter Kit Tutorial, EGO Ce5 Vaporizer Pen Starter Kit

What Comes comes in the Ego Ce5 Starter Kit?

The ego ce5 starter kit comes with two complete vape pens, so you get two 900mAH batteries, and two Ce5 rebuildable tanks. The Ce5 cartomizers screw into the battery to make one vape pen. Other accessories that are included are one usb charger with a wall adapter, and a needle top bottle used to refill the ejuice. The ce5 starter kit also comes with a carrying case with special pockets that hold the vape pen and eJuice bottles in place.

What is a Ce5 Tank (Rebuildable Tank)?

The ego ce5 starter kit comes with the ce5 tank, which is a rebuildable cartomizer tank. Unlike some ce4 tanks which are not rebuildable, a rebuildable tank is a cartomizer that allows you to take the tank apart to replace the wick, when the wick gets old, worn or burnt out. So, instead of buying a new tank and throwing the whole cartomizer away, you can just replace the wick inside the CE5 tank and it will start performing like a brand new tank again.

How to Fill Up Your Tank in the Ego Ce5 Starter Kit

When you first get your ego Ce5 starter kit, you will need to fill it up with ejuice before using it for the first time. To do this, first unscrew the mouthpiece. Be careful not to get ejuice down the little hole that you should see. This little hole goes straight through the coil and the center channel of the tank. This is the air hole for inhaling the vapor. You DO NOT want to get any ejuice down in this hole, so take care. If you do happen to accidentally get any in there, it can leak, damage your vape pen, or get ejuice in your mouth which you do not want.

The ego Ce5 starter kit also comes with a needle top fill bottle that makes refilling the vape pen much easier. Take this needle top bottle filled with ejuice and place the needle portion near the edge of the tank and slide it down the edge. You will want to tilt your tank a little bit to do this. Start filling it up now without getting any in the air hole.

When you first take your Ce5 cartomizer out of the ego starter kit, you will notice some markings on the side of the tank that tell you how many milliliters of eliquid you have left in the cartomizer tank. You should see a 1.6ml mark at the top. Think of this as your target when you fill your tank up. Also think of it as your MAX fill line. You DO NOT want to fill it up more than this as it can damage your vape pen. Sometimes it may be hard to see this mark, so also just remember that this maximum marking is just below where the wicks come out of the atomizer. If you fill it too high, the wicks may pull in too much eliquid and you may get the liquid down the center channel, which can cause some leakage or get in your mouth, which obviously you do not want.

Now that you just filled the ejuice, you should let that tank sit for a little bit before using it. You want to do this to let the eliquid soak into the wicking material and to seep into the coil a little bit, so it is ready for vaping.

How to turn the Vape Pen on and off

The batteries that come in the ego ce5 starter kit are fully rechargeable, as you probably expected. To tell if the battery is on you can press button once to see if it lights up. If you see it light up it means it’s on. If it doesn’t it is not on.

To turn on the battery on or the vape pen on, press the button quickly five times. It will start to blink. Now when you press the button it will light up, which means that it is ready to transfer electricity to the coil to start the vaping process.

To turn it off you just press five times again and it will blink similarly to when you turned it on. Now when you press the button (in the off state) it will not light up at all. It is now safe to store or place in your bag for bringing it somewhere.

The reason why this feature comes standard and is so nice is because, if its in your pocket, bag or purse, and the button is accidentally gets pressed on the vape pen it will not vape. The fact that you have to press it five times in a row very quickly makes it unlikely to turn on when you don’t want it on. Though you need to remember to turn it off before carrying it around or storing it. If you don’t it could burn out the coil or worse. So be sure to turn if off when storing or carrying it around.

How to recharge the Batteries in the Ego Ce5 Starter Kit

You will know when it needs to be recharged because it will slow or stop the vapor production. You will also see a light blinking patter on the button that is telling you it needs to be recharged soon.

The ego Ce5 starter kit comes with a separate usb and wall adapter. To recharge it, first attach the usb charger to the wall adapter, and then plug it into the wall. When you plug in the wall charger to the AC outlet, it will show a green light. Then you will want to unscrew the battery portion of the vape pen from the tank portion and then screw in the battery to the threaded usb adapter. It will then turn from green to red on the charging cable, which means it is charging. As soon as you see the light turn red, stop twisting the battery to the usb charger, as you do not want to over tighten it. This can potentially cause issues with your charger later down the road if you continually over-tighten the battery unit to the charger unit.

Tips to extend the Battery life on the Ego Ce5 Starter Kit

When you first take the battery out of the Ce5 starter kit, you will see that it powers on and is ready to go. Just note that the battery will come only partially charged for you, at about 2/3 of full charge capacity. It is good practice with any type of rechargeable battery to let it die down all the way before charging it fully, especially in the first few recharges. This allows your battery to attain the most charge capacity through its lifespan. So let your battery die off all the way until you recharge it. Then you want to recharge it all the way. It is important to do this, especially in the beginning, but also with every charge to keep your battery running at full capacity.

How to use your Ego Ce5 Starter Kit

To turn on your vape pen, tap on the power button five times to turn your battery. Then connect the Ce5 tank to the battery. You are now ready to vape! Just puff through the mouthpiece to start the vaping process, and vape away.

Tips for extending the life of your Ego Ce5 Starter Kit

After the eliquid starts to deplete, you may notice it starting to taste a little burnt. This is because the wicks may not be getting enough ejuice, and they may not be wet enough near the top at the coils, which is needed for optimum vaping. This is normal and most users get by this limitation of wicked cartomizers by simply tilting the vape pen up (battery portion into the air) while vaping, so the wicks become entrenched with the eliquid. Also, before taking a puff, you can tilt the vape pen and twirl it, so the eliquid makes contact with the top of the wicks to wet them. Then you can vape without the burnt taste, when your eliquid is low. You can also make sure that the Ce5 tank is all the way filled up to the maximum line, but it would be impractical to constantly fill up your vape pen. So if you just keep the wicks wet on top by using the above-mentioned techniques, you should get much better hits with much better taste when your eliquid is low.

People who burn their wicks up too quickly will often let their eliquid get too low in the ce5 tank and take many puffs while the wicks are dry. They also will hold the vape pen vertically and not tilt it. So in essence they are vaping when the wicks are dry which can burn up the wicks. It’s just something you may want to be aware of and to know about if you ever notice the wicks are going bad too quickly. This is normal with Ego Ce5 Starter Kits, and a part of vaping with the Ce5 tanks.

When it is time to change the wick in the starter kit?

After using your vape pen a lot, what happens is, after going through many ejuice refills, it can start to form gunk around the heating coil on the inside, which can degrade the taste and quality of the vapor. You will start to see a darker color around the wick, closer to the coil near the top of the cartomizer where the wicks come out. This can also sometimes turn the eliquid into a darker color than it looks like in the bottle that it came in. This may be a good time to replace the wick so it performs like new again and so you can have the best vaping experience possible. Even thought the Ce4 tanks are very reliable and popular, some may want to have a rebuildable cartomizer tank. If you want the ability to replace the wicks, the ego Ce5 starter kit may be right for you.

How to replace the wick in the Ego Ce5 Starter Kit

To replace the wick in the cartomizer that came with your Ego Ce5 Starter Kit, first grab the bottom part of the textured metal grip and twist it off. Now you will have a metal piece with the wick and the glass tank separated. Now at this point, grap the top of the metal cylindar, near the top, right above where the wick is and twist to take the actual wick piece off.

Grab the new wick and twist the new one on. Make sure it is nice and tight to where it is securely fastened; otherwise it will not properly work if it is too loose. If it is not working, and not firing up like it should, you can see if the wick part is fastened tight enough to troubleshoot your vape pen. So now that the wick portion is screwed on tightly, now you can grab the glass tank portion and screw the tank assembly back together.