eGo Ce4 Starter Kit

The Who, What, When, Where, How and Why on the eGo CE4 Starter Kit

What comes in the eGo Ce4 Starter Kit?

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
Ego-T CE4 Vape Starter Kit

When you get an ego Ce4 starter kit you will receive two Ce4s (aka two stardust clearomizer tanks), two ego batteries and a carrying pouch that will keep your vape pens from getting damaged or scratched.

The eGo Ce4 Starter Kit also comes with a drip tip. This is the mouthpiece that screws into the top and locks in the eliquid so that your vape pen doesn’t leak. Sometimes, when you buy the kit there will be a proprietary threading on the drip tip mouthpiece. If this is the case, you can get adapters to put on so you can use a standard 510 drip tip width.

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit Vs. eGo Ce5 Starter Kit

The Ce5 Starter Kits come with the Ce5 clearomizer tanks, which are semi-rebuildable. This means you can remove the wick element inside the tank to replace when it gets worn or burnt out. The Ce4 tanks are not rebuildable, as you cannot remove the wick element inside of it. Even though you cannot remove the Ce4 tank’s wick, it is easy to clean out and take care of, so it is definitely good for many multiple uses. They are also cheaper than the Ce5 tank so you can buy a new one if they do get burnt out.

Both the Ce4 and Ce5 are great tanks. The big benefit over the Ce4 and Ce5 tanks is they don’t leak like their predecessors. The benefit of the Ce5 Starter Kit is you get a semi-rebuildable tank, which you can then buy a replacement wick when the wick goes bad instead of buying another whole tank. Other than that they are both good tanks.

What is better than the CE4 and CE5 Tank?

The eGo-T vape pen with a T3S tank is a much better all around tank. The eGo-T Battery with a T3S tank out performs the CE4 and CE5 in all areas. With increased performance in throat hit, control, cleaning and vapor production, the T3S is always a “win-win”. The T3S is much more durable and will last much longer for daily use. If you are looking for a dependable vape pen with a quality tank and you were orginially looking for a CE4 because you “heard” they were good, you may want to take a look at the eGo-T and T3S Starter Kit. Take a look below, you can see the difference in tank size, build and overall design.

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
eGo-T Vape Pen with T3S Tank

How to turn on and off the Vape Pen in the eGo Ce4 Starter Kit

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
Click 5 Times Rapidly ON / OFF

When you first open your Ce4 starter kit it should have a partial charge so you can begin using it right away. To turn on the vape pen, press the button quickly 5 times. You will see it light up. To turn off, press 5 times quickly again and it should blink again. To tell if the vape pen is on, you can press the button and see if it lights up at all. If it does not light up, it is off.

How to pour the eJuice into your eGo Ce4 Starter Kit

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
Taking the Top off the CE4

Before using the eGo Ce4 starter kit, you must fill it up with e juice and follow the eGo-T Instructionscompletely. First turn off the device by pressing the button 5 times if it is already on. When pouring the eliquid, there be careful of the air hole right in the middle, DO NOT pour the ejuice in there. That hole is for airflow, so be careful. You do not want to accidentally get it in there as it could leak from the vape pen or get into your mouth.

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
Center of eGo CE4 Tank

To start pouring, hold the vape pen to the side, as well as the bottle, and pour the ejuice in. If you want, you can also rotate the pen a little as you pour, so it only pours down the side and not the middle air hole. You can also look inside to make sure it is going down the side and not the hole. You probably want to fill it up near the top right below the wicks come out of the bottle. You want to fill it up all the way, but not too full, as this can cause leakage of the ejuice that can potentially damage your vape pen. You should see some markings; just fill it to the top where it says 1.6 ml as that will be the size of tank you get with your eGo ce4 starter kit.

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
Filling the eGo CE4 Tank

If you do happen to overfill it or add too much, it may drip down towards the inside of the vape pen and you don’t want that as you will probably have to clean it out, so just be weary of it. When done filling it up, screw the drip tip back on and take a paper towel to wipe down the extra ejuice on the outside of the vape pen if needed. If you do need help in cleaning your eGo-T or cleaning your tank, follow the instructions on our Cleaning your Atomizer Tank page.

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
Full eGo CE4 Vape Pen Tank

Using your eGo Ce4 Starter Kit

After you fill your Ce4 tank with ejuice, you should let it sit for a little bit before using it, just to let the ejuice soak into the wicks. This will prevent a dry hit, where the wicks can potentially burn up as there is not enough ejuice saturated in the wicks. After letting it sit for a little bit, press the button five times quickly and you should see it light up. You are ready to start vaping.

eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
Using the eGo CE4 Vape Pen

You should now vet smooth vape hits and it should be firing good if you did everything in this tutorial.

Tips for using your Ce4 Starter Kit

When the ejuice gets low, it may not efficiently pull the ejuice from the wicks to the coil. To solve this common limitation of tanks that use wicks, many will actually tilt their vape pen (battery side in the air) so the eliquid sets near the top of the tank where the wicks go into the coil. This will allow the ejuice to soak in the wicks and hence reach the coil to vape. You can tilt the battery in the air prior to vaping to let the ejuice soak into the top of the wicks and you can tilt the battery portion in the air while vaping. This will prevent you from getting dry, burnt and foul tasting hits.

One other thing you want to avoid doing when you get your Ce4 starter kit is puffing too hard as it may suck the ejuice into the air hole if you are not careful. Also be careful not to sit on the tank as it may break. Other than that it is pretty durable, as long as you take care of it properly.

Ce4 Starter Kit Battery Life Tips

The good thing about Ce4 starter kits is the battery should last a long time depending on usage. It can last you all day, depending on how often you vape during that period.

To get more out of your battery life you will want to let the battery drain all the way before recharging it. This allows the battery cells to have full capacity. You definitely want to do this the first few charge cycles: let the battery drain or die all the way, then recharge fully. After these first few cycles, it is not as important, but it is still good practice to do indefinitely. In either case, just make sure you do it in the beginning if nothing else. If your eGo-T battery will not charge or will not hold a charge, please follow the instructions on our “eGo Not Charging” page.

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eGo Ce4 Starter Kit
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