Ego C Twist: Factors that Determine Vaping Performance

Factors that determine the Vape performance at different voltage levels on the Ego C Twist

When deciding what ego ecig to purchase, you may have opted to get the ego C twist ecig. When you get this and start vaping, one thing you may notice is that the voltage you like to set your ego c twist to can change on a day to day or week to week basis. The reason why it varies so much is because there are several factors that influence your vapor output. Things like the resistance on your clearomizer, the type of e juice you are using, the flavor of e juice, etc. Below is a list of the most common causes of fluctuations in your vaping performance on the ego twist ecigs:

  • E Juice Brand
  • E Juice Blend
  • E Juice Flavor
  • Flavor and type of flavoring agent being used
  • Clearomizer Tank Resistance (more specifically atomizer head resistance)
  • Old Atomizer Head

E juice brands, blends and flavors

Ego C Twist: Factors that Determine Vaping Performance

To some extent, the e juice that you’re vaping is going to influence the vapor production and going to be a factor in what level voltage you decide to set your eGo C Twist to. Depending on the flavor, the type of flavoring agent used, the brand of e juice that you buy, and the particular blend of PG and VG (whether it’s 50-50, 70-30, 100% propylene glycol, or 100% vegetable glycerin). All these factors of e juice may influence the perfect voltage level on your eGo C Twist battery.

For example, you may notice that your eGo C Twist vapes perfectly at 3.8 V the first week and the next week it vapes great at 4.0 V. Maybe it’s because you simply switched e juice. E juice can be a factor in what voltage you find preferable to vape. Some flavors are going to require a lower or higher voltage setting, while some blends of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (PG/VG blends) will also be a factor in what the perfect voltage is for your taste buds.

Resistance Rules Them All

In terms of voltage, it all depends on the amount of resistance that your atomizer head is, which interacts with the voltage to designate the total power or wattage. Many times, you don’t really want to vape past 4.0 to 4.2 and above, simply because it will give you a nasty burnt taste. Other times you’ll be able to vape at really high voltages, giving you an excellent taste. It just depends on what resistance your heating coil is in your clearomizer tank, along with some of the other factors mentioned above.

Grumpy old atomizer heads

Ego C Twist: Factors that Determine Vaping Performance
ego c burnt taste

But what if you didn’t switch e juice and your eGo C Twist is giving you a completely different vape on 4.0 than it did when you first got it? In fact, maybe it’s giving you a nasty burnt taste at a higher voltage like 4.0, when it never used to do that, so why is that?

Just as an old man can get bitter with age, so can your atomizer heads. But instead of being better, atomizer heads can taste burnt, the older they get. When you first get a variable voltage vape pen like an ego twist, you can choose the voltage that gives you the most satisfying vape. Some users like it to be on the higher end, maybe 4 V, because their particular e juice they’re using to vape tastes better at a higher voltage.

Then all of a sudden, a few weeks later able you notice that you set your variable voltage to 4 V, and when it used to taste great at that level it now taste really burnt and nasty. Now you have to turn down the voltage so you don’t get that dreaded burnt taste.

The reason for this is, after a while of using your eGo C Twist, the resistance of your atomizer head will actually naturally get lower with more usage. Your atomizer head essentially loses resistance the older it gets. There are some complexities and scientific reasons for that, but basically if an old atomizer head has a lower resistance, it means that the same voltage will give you more power, and thus giving you a burnt taste. There are two ways to solve this issue of an old atomizer head:

Clean your clearomizer tank / atomizer head to prevent the burnt taste

Ego C Twist: Factors that Determine Vaping Performance
Cleaning Atomizer Tank with Vodka 2

To prolong the life of your clearomizer tank you may want to clean it often. You might want to try cleaning with vodka or rubbing alcohol and letting it sit in the alcohol for a few hours. After this just dry off with a towel and let all the alcohol evaporate. Then fill up your tank with the e juice, and let the e juice saturate into the wicks of the coil for at least a few minutes before attempting to vape it.

You will need to “prime” it before the ego C twist gives you an optimal vape. Priming is just puffing, but not inhaling the vapor, until he give you a good taste. This needs to be done after cleaning your tank and refilling the tank, also needs to be done when you get a brand-new tank and fill it with e juice for the first time. It’s basically a way to clear that initial burnt taste that you always get with a brand-new tank or newly cleaned atty and tank. This method of cleaning will prevent that nasty burnt taste and it prolongs the life of your clearomizer tank and atomizer head. Eventually you’ll have to purchase a new atomizer head, but the cleaning method, if done often, will substantially prolong the life of your atomizer head.

Get a new atomizer head

Replacement Atomizer heads last anywhere from a couple weeks to a month. With good maintenance and cleaning you can extend the life of the atomizer coil by quite a bit. In either case, you’re going to have to get a new atomizer head eventually. You might as well pick up a 5 pack of atomizer heads, since it only costs 10 bucks. This will last you anywhere from 3 to 6 months, which is quite a while for only 10 bucks.

Burnt taste on higher voltage settings with a new atomizer head

Ego C Twist: Factors that Determine Vaping Performance
ego c burnt taste

In terms of the burnt taste on a voltage past 4.0, that is typically normal, especially after an atomizer head has been used. Typically atomizer heads will last a couple weeks to a month until they need be replaced. That’s normal behavior to experience more burnt taste on a higher voltage with an old atomizer head. Typically, vapers will turn down the voltage as the atomizer head gets older. If you get a brand-new atomizer head you should be able to vape on a higher voltage, although even on a new atomizer head anything past the 4 volts can be pushing it and you can still get the burnt taste, it just sometimes depends on different factors like the resistance, the blend of e juice, brand of e juice, flavor of e juice, the clearomizer design, etc.